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Bad Attempt at A DECK


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Monsters: 20

3 x Rainbow Dragon

3 x Crystal Beast Saphire Pegasus

2 x Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger

2 x Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth

1 x Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle

1 x Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat

1 x Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle

1 x Crystal Beast Emrald Tortoise

2 x Zombie Master

1 x Mezuki

1 x Sangan

2 x Goblin Zombie


3 x Book of Life

3 x Ancient City Rainbow Ruins

2 x Zombie World

2 x Crystal Abundance

2 x Crystal Beakon

2 x Crystal Blessing

1 x Lightning Vortex

1 x MST

1 x Card Destruction


3 x Solemn Judgment



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