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Amulent Warriors: The Black Dawn(now closed)


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The Black Dawn is aproching, the world is in crisis, Amulent warriors are needed. I am one. I am Nick Flag. You are gifted with a power. Protect us against The Black Dawn. You will become your amulent.








Amulent Warrior/Beast name:

Amulent Warrior/Beast apearance(dipsriptive or pic):




Name:Nick Flag



Aperance(dipscriptive):Red and yellow hair, Red jacket, orange T, Red jeans, orange shoes, 6 foot tall

Amulent:The Amuelent of the Red Flame

Amulent Element: Fire

Amulent Warrior/Beast name: Zeon, The flare Warrior

Amulent Warrior/Beast apearance(dipsriptive or pic):Your basic knight, armour is red, aprox. 10 foot tall, his sword is made of pure flame

i'll be back tomorow

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Name:Corey Montalvo


Aperance(dipscriptive):Tall,Dark-haired,and Muscular

Amulent:The Amuelent of the Dark Blue Ice

Amulent element:Ice

Amulent Warrior/Beast name:Toby, The Ice Leader

Amulent Warrior/Beast apearance(dipsriptive or pic): Toby, The Ice Leader

Warrior Theme Song: Warrior Within Corey Montalvo

Bio:He always climbs the raks of any organization fast.

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Name: Jade

Gender: Female

Aperance(dipscriptive): 5'2", layered shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes, always wears jeans

Amulent: Amulet of Radiant Snow

Amulent Warrior/Beast name: Grace the Snow Lady

Amulent Warrior/Beast apearance(dipsriptive or pic): (I hope it's OK if I do 2 but you wouldn't exactly be scared of her looking like the first pic if she went into battle)

1041901.png (If she doesn't go into battle)

9cdd961.png (If she goes into battle)

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"Amulet warriors," said Jade as she saw three people talking. She looked down at her own. It was, to her, a rather pretty white amulet with a topaz set in the middle. She decided to approach them. "Hello, I'm ... er ... not interrupting a conversation am I? I'm Jade by the way."

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