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Revamped Plants

Bunter Dwayne

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[2] Tytannial

[1] Dandyloin

[3] Gigaplant

[3] Lonefire Blossom

[2] Inmato

[3] Botanical Lion

[1] Lord Poison

[2] Nettles

[1] Copy Plant

[1] D.D. Warrior Lady

[1] Breaker the Magical Warrior



[2] Super Solar Nutrient

[2] Mark of the Rose

[3] Double Summon

[3] Fragrance Storm

[1] Monster Reborn



[3] Solemn

[3] Wall of Thorns

[1] Torrential Tribute

[2] Ivy Shackles




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Tytannial is the best Plant.


And I only need 1 Lord Poison' date=' really.



i never said best plant, i said best plant tuner, think about it, any level 4 plant and copy= stardust or any other good level 8

level 3 plant and copy = goyo


3 Tytannial is overkill as u can always summon 1 from the deck with lonefire or bring it back with gigaplant, 3 leads to dead draws, i've been runnin plants for awhile and dats wat i found out


also add in a card of safe return if u dont already have one..if u use gigaplant right card of safe return will give u alot of extra draws

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Inmato is more a defence I doubt it will acitvate a lot.


-2 Walls

-2 Double Summon

+3 Black Gardens

+1 Copy Plant


You only need and SHOULD run 1 tytannial


I agree with you mark i've seen these bums in play and 1 is enough and ppl can't read;3


From the guy who says I should run 3 more Double Summons. That would make it' date=' what, 6? Last time I heard, that wasn't legal.


I'll go with running Trade-Ins.



How right you are :/

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