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Moon dragon


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If it's a Synchro monster' date=' how can it be Synchro summoned without Tuners?

OCG errors: "Once per turn, during your Draw Phase, you can draw 2 cards.




i forgot the " 1 tuner+ 1 or more non-tuner monster" bit but the effect isn't that you can draw 2 cards it is that you can draw i extra card.

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That's what the effect means. I should've added "you can draw 2 cards instead of 1."



yea now when i look at it you right. Or maybe "during your draw phase you draw draw 2 cards instead of your normal 1 draw"? How about that?


With what you've changed, it's doesn't seem like a full-flowing OCG. IMO, I think you made the effect a little too complicated to understand. Just keep it as "2 cards instead of 1" like other similar cards, and it's better to understand.

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