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Dark Dragon Cards(will upload light counterparts)


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Many OCG errors, fix them.


deck = Deck

Fire = FIRE

summoned = Summoned

Dragon type = Dragon-Type

automaticly = automatically

Monsters = monsters

special = Special

normal = Normal

set = Set


No full stop punctuation after "duel", no comma after "field".

I'm sure these aren't all the OCG errors I have just corrected out, Invincible 0 is a DIVINE monster, no DIVINE monsters aloud.

Invincible 0 is extremely overpowered, blurry images, 1/10.

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first off field spells dont get ""can only be activated if"" effects. second, field spell cards have to have a phisical effect on either atk, def, or effects based on attribute or type. third, hello Zero the Hero and your magic O lol.


p.s. can only be activated when there is a fire attribute monster.... doesnt mae sense anyway. just tr to fix these, may not be that bad. Im sure you can make them work, but throw zero in trash

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OCG errors:

normal summoned= Normal Summoned

set= Set

special summoned= Special Summoned

tributing= Tributing

Dragon type Monsters= Dragon-Type monsters

If you have flaming circle on the field= If "Flaming Circle" is on the field


As for Flaming Circle, I agree completely with dorgeismydog



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