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Samus Aran Card Trio


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They are meh.

The pictures are bad, and there is no picture credit.

Zero Suit Samus' pic is too blurry and not focused

Varia Suit's pic has no background

Samus Aran's pic has no background

Also, ZSS is underpowered, and a Vanilla card.

"Chozo" isn't a real type, and Samus isn't even a Chozo race. She was a human who was raised by Aliens named Chozos.

Bad OCG for Varia Suit. You misspell on several occasions, and sacrificing=Tributing

And about Samus' OCG: graveyard= Graveyard

Why is Samus of a DARK type? She isn't evil. She doesn't even appear to be evil.


Overall, Samus is underpowered, and the pictures and OCG need to be fixed. 5/10

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