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Dark Powers RP


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One day when walking along, you see a mysterious man. He leads you to and ancient temple and tells you to drink it's mystic waters. The next day, you wake up with a fly on your bed. You are about to smack it, but instead a bolt of lightning shoots form your hand, frying the fly.


You have Powers.


You go back to the man you met yesterday and he tells you that you have a force known as Gexus, and you must use it to stop the evil warrior, Dryzia. Before you can question the man, he vanishes. You learn there are more with your talent. You must all group together and figure out the man's words.








Power(s) [up to 4]:


My Form:


Name: Robbie

Age: 10

Gender: 10

Appearence: Dark brown hair and eyes, a red shirt and jeans

Power(s): Can transform into anything





We will start when we have 3-5 people (not counting me).

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