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Black Sky......A Blackwing Deck


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Blackwing Deck Prototype


Monsters x12

Blackwing-Blizzard of the North Pole x2

Blackwing-Elfen of The Pitch-Black x1

Blackwing-Gale The Whirlwind x3

Blackwing-Qal'at The Moonlight x1

Blackwing-Shura The Blue Flame x1

Blackwing-Sirocco The Dawn x2

Blackwing-Bora The Spear x2

Summon Reactor SK x3 (Don't Ask)


Spells x14

Against Wind x1

Jet-Black Whirlwind x3

Raptor Wing Strike x3

Star Blast x2

Pot Of Avarice x1

Shrink x1

Card Destruction x1

Prevention Star x1

Nobleman Of Crossout x1


Traps x14

Half Or Nothing x3

Ebon Arrow x2

Bottomless Trap Hole x1

Fake Explosion x3

Shining Silver Force x1

Magical Arm Shield x1

Delta Crow-Anti Reverse x2

Fake Feather x1


Extra Deck x4

Blackwing Armor Master x2

Blackwing Armed Wing x2

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