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My new and probably best booster ^_^

Enma Ai

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*Strong Aussie Accent On*

Crikey! Neva' date=' have I seen such a baffling case! This rare specimen, has successfully managed, to bevel and emboss whore something, which is a feat not accomplished by the nubiest nubs of nubtopia! What an amazing discovery!



He's right mate! This is truely something new!


Apart from the text, change the colour?

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lol k.


Its bevel emboss whored. Like majorly. It looks like you were repeatedly pressing the bevel and emboss buttons for 2 hours straight =/

The lines above the text should be the same length as the text itself. And the rainbow gradient looks incredibly gay. Stick to one color =P

The bg is horribly wahsed out, and should be Tech styled, seeing that ths is a 5d's booster.

No 5D's logo on a 5d's booster?

The bevel and emboss around the booster makes a terrible effect; you didn't execute it correctly.

Eew gross circle.

Overall lq.


Nice try, but better can be done =P

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chaotix' date='


em....<_< at least rate it you Nazi


was that an insult....



*Pure British* I don't think so, he is Australian after all, he is ^_^


What the F*** was that supposed to mean?


speak english not gad damn British/ Australian

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