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~Royal Inferno~ [March 2009 Format]

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Just a draft..


x20 Monsters


x3 Royal Firestorm Guards

x3 Volcanic Shell

x3 Volcanic Rocket

x3 Rose Warrior of Revenge

x3 Volcanic Scattershot

x2 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

x1 Card Trooper

x1 Snipe Hunter

x1 Flame Spirit Ignis


x13 Spells


x3 Blaze Accelerator

x3 Cold Wave

x2 Foolish Burial

x1 Brain Control

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Giant Trunade

x1 Mystical Space Typhoon

x1 Pot of Avarice


x7 Traps


x3 Royal Oppression

x3 Solemn Judgment

x1 Torrential Tribute


x15 Extra Deck


x3 Stardust Dragon

x3 Red Dragon Archfiend

x3 Thought Ruler Archfiend

x3 Black Rose Dragon

x1 Goyo Guardian

x1 Arcanite Magician

x1 Tempest Magician


Does Cold Wave interfere with Blaze Accelerator?

I'm listing Ignis as Tech.

Scattershot is technically (no pun intended) tech as well.

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Put in Flame Soldier' date=' that may not be his real name. His effect is sac himself to inflict 1000, goes with the theme from phantom drakness. lol i forgot



Fire Trooper wouldn't really help this deck that much. It's burn-based, and Fire Trooper is not burn-based.

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