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This is a Revived club im hoping it wont fail



:: Welcome to the Organization of Judgment ::


How to join us?

Make a reply to this topic, and post the following information:

Your decktype (Favorite or best if more than 1)

What name you want to be on your Membership Card.



What can you do in this Organization?

Post your decks for rating + fixing.

Post your cards for rating + fixing.

Tell and hear jokes, post Game King duel logs, ask questions.

Show off your talents (e.g. Fanart, Graphics, Coding, Making Stories)

Advertise for your shop/fanfic/set etc. (Note that if you were caught joining us for just this, your membership's over)

Chatting with others. Please do not double post and spam though.

Request Graphics from other members.



What do you gain from this Organization?

Each time your rank goes up, you get 1 rep.

Each time your dorm goes up, you get 2 reps.

You gain a Membership Card when you join the Organization, and get it updated when your dorm goes up.

If you post a deck/card(s) that is highly rated by at least 4 different members, you gain 1 rep.

You can request here for free, so that's an award itself.



Rules of this Organization:


No spamming, double posting, flaming/insulting, or adult material.

No arguing.

No joining for just advertising.




Dorms and Ranks:

Unlike other clubs/organization, this Organization has a dorm system and a Rank system. At each 7 posts in this topic (you need to be a member, of course) your rank goes up. There are 9 ranks for each dorm (red = Uria Red, blue = Raviel Blue, orange = Hamon Orange) which are:

Newbie Member (Level 1)

Jr. Member


Advanced Member

Senior Member

Super Member

Mega Member

Ultra Member

Ultimate Member-Darklord Zerato



Help Us Get More Members:


You can put this in your sig to help support our club and bring us more members. The code is below. Please note that it's without the link, so you'll need to hyperlink it yourself (put the code)




[img*][/img*]take out the*s


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