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Wolverine: The Pack


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Twenty years into the future. Magneto and Xavier died way back, they finally were able to rest. Both the X-Men and Brotherhood disbanded, started new lives and left behind their old history. Wolverine went his own way as well...


He's gathering a team. Weapon X is coming back stronger than ever, they want to disrupt the peace that has been around for so long. Are you going to join Wolverine's Pack or Weapon X?


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Mutant Name: Wolverine

Name: James "Logan" Howlett

Team (The Pack/Weapon X): The Pack

Power(s): Adimantium Skeleton and Claws, Healing Factor, Enhanced Senses

Bio: Weapon X captured Wolverine and made his what he is today. Painful surgery only survivable with his healing factor allowed Weapon X to bond the adimantium to his bones and claws. To keep Wolverine under control the scientist erased all remembrance of his past life from his mind. Fast forwarding to recent events; Wolverine has been a member of the X-Men, SHIELD, and now leader of The Pack.[/align]

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Someone clearly ain't read the rules. :P


Instead of just saying that, how about you say what they did wrong, good idea, right?


And Mage:


Mutant Name: Demon of Dark

Name: Fiacre "Dark" Filth

Team (The Pack/Weapon X): Weapon X

Power(s): Enhanced Senses, Hightened Strenght and Speed, Unknown amount of Inelligence, Dark Flames that form from his hands (Temperature of Flame is unknown) are used for many purposes.

Bio: Fiacre was just an unknown Mutant, nobody even knew he was one at all. Not his friends, not his family, not even himself. Until one day, a group of thugs were surrounding his girlfriend, doing unspeakable things, he reached a point of self-consiousness that he couldn't speak, and flames shot from his hands to the leader of the gang. The other gang members saw him, and shot at him, but missed because of their confidence. They ran away, and Fiacre saw his girlfriend, scared and horrified, she ran away from him. Soon, he was forced to live on his own, walking on the streets for the longest time. Until later, Weapon X found him, and gave him even more power than he could imagine he could contain. However, much tears and blood was shed. However, he watned to betray them, but he couldn't, they took all emotions away from him, and the ability to speak. Since then, he had been living with them, performing what ever they desire however vile.

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No you're good...as a result of discomplaint I'm not enforcing the sign-up threads' date=' so you're all good. ^^



But why did you say:


Someone clearly ain't read the rules. :P


If we are all good? Was there something you missed in the first post?

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