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[READ BEFORE POSTING!] Comments & Suggestions Guidelines


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Hi, I'm Faint Brushfire. You've probably heard of me. Anyway, this thread is going to contain some Guidelines that you should always follow before posting in Comments & Suggestions. Why? Because I don't like the state it's in at the moment.







This forum is for Comments & Suggestions only. Comments may contain but are not limited to:


1. Your thoughts on the forum.


2. Reviews on the forum.


3. Comments on how the forum is run.



However, when writing a comment you must not break the standard Forum Rules. This means, when giving your thoughts you cannot flame the site. When reviewing, keep it Neutral, we don't just want a load of swear words on how you hate the site. When commenting on how you think the forum is run, don't flame the Staff or members of the Community. Also, don't ask to be a Moderator. That is decided by the Staff Team.







This forum is for Comments & Suggestions only. When suggesting something to help improve the forum, there is a few things that you should do:


1. Always, always Search before posting!


2. If something has already been suggested but the thread is over a month old, create a new Thread but remember to include the link to the old idea in the post.


3. Always be on the lookout for updates. Don't suggest something that we already have.


4. We want plausable things. Don't suggest something that we can't do, such as "make it so we can use Webcams on the board".


5. When replying to a suggestion, don't just say "I do/don't support". Include reasoning to why you support it or not. 2-word posts are considered spam.


6. Make the Subject of the Threadrevevant to the suggestion, e.g.


Bad way: [Awesome idea!!!]

Good way: Re-colouring cards in the Card Maker





Thanks for reading, and I hope this is Stuck to avoid any more confusion. If you have any suggestions for this thread that I may have forgotten please PM me![/align]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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