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The New Pastime! Data-Battles! Accepting! Didn't Start Yet!


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The Pastime has come! Data-Fighting. Japanese Enginers have made Data-Suits that go First Come First Serve. There are Tornaments Held and such. New Darkness Is arising. Data-Thugs have used these Machines Outside of Data-Arenas. Will you Stop Them!....or Help Them!


[spoiler=Data Fighting Explanation]

You get a Data-Suit and put it on. The Energy races through you and you become the Creature your suit looks like.Fight and Win!










Suit Form Name:

Suit Form Appearance:

Suit Form Evolution?:

If So, Suit Form Evolution Appearance:




[spoiler=My App]


Name:Leo Hawke




Suit Form Name:Dawn

Suit Form Appearance:Blackwing-SiroccoofDawnCRMS-JP-SR.jpg (Dude in Card)

Suit Form Evolution?:Yes

If So, Suit Form Evolution Appearance:BlackwingArmorMasterCRMS-EN-UR-UtR.jpg(Pic in Card)

Evolution Name:Dawn Aremor






Ryko (:.Death Whisper Ryko.: )

Paladin (AfterLifePaladin)




[spoiler=Data-Fighters (Normal People)]

Leo Hawke (Rua121Lua)

Jade (Leonic_0922)

Lyle Nosse (Eternal Zodiac)





If I missed anything tell me please.

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Thug??:Yes, and he has Cronies

Name: Ryko



Bio: Nobody knows much about him, It is Rumored that he is forced to work for the Thugs due to the fact that they are holding his Friends Hostage, While another Rumor says that he was corrupted by his suit, His Battle style is well known, He often Sends Minions he Spawns after his opponents While in Suit Form, He is known as a Thug Despite almost always using the Suit in the Arena due To Illegal Parts in the Suit


Suit Form Name: Yata-Xeius

Suit Form Appearance:


Suit Form Evolution?: Yes

Suit Form Evolution Name: Yata-Aluria

Suit Form Evolution Appearance:


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Thug??: No

Name: Jade



Bio: Can this be optional?

Age: 15

Suit Form Name: (Can I tell you the name later? I can't think of one right now)

Suit Form Appearance:


Suit Form Evolution?: Yes

Suit Form Evolution Name: (Can I tell you the name later?)

If So, Suit Form Evolution Appearance:


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Thug??: Yes

Name: Paladin


Bio: A mysterious man, he has no known name except for "Paladin" as he likes to use magic in battle. He fought for good, but a terrible accident happened which turned into data. He is no longer human. He tried to fight for good with his new abilities, but he was hacked and brainwashed. He can usualy fly into your suit and mess with it.

Age: ?

Suit Form Name: Dark Paladin

Suit Form Appearance:24ea629.png

Suit Form Evolution?: Dark Paladin X

If So, Suit Form Evolution Appearance:00f6645.png

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Thug??: NO.

Name: Kyle Studdard

Appearance: Only unmasks when Data Battling; His hair is Blonde & eyes a Sky Blue

Bio: Kyle was a normal kid until his old suit was broken & his face was burned in battle. His Data record is 23-4(One of the wins; DQ after the guy he was facing broke the suit to try to kill him), 12 of the wins KO, 11 DQ. Losses are 4 KO's, 0 DQ's. Kyle's suit has improved since then.

Age: 11

Suit Form Name: Studdard Phenoix

Suit From Appearance: I can't really find a appearance

Suit Form Evolution?: X Studdard Dragon

Appearance: Can't get a good one.

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