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This is based off of Justin Womack's tournament deck. Since some cards in the deck are limited and forbidden, i replaced some of the cards.

I could really use some tips and suggestions.

This deck needs:


-better cards



monsters: 20

1 card trooper

3 morphtronic clocken

2 cyber valley

1 cyber dragon

3 goldd, wu-lord of dark world

3 injection fairy lily

3 cyber phoenix

1 jinzo

1 morphing jar

2 morphtronic cameran


spell: 13

3 dark world lightning

1 brain control

1 heavy storm

1 mst

1 monster reborn

1 nobleman of crossout

1 nobleman of exterminaton

1 limiter removal

1 card destruction

1 lightning vortex

1 inferno reckless summon


traps: 6

3 dimension wall

1 magic cylinder

1 ceasefire

1 mirror force

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What? What?


First I thought:

Oh, E-Heros, yay.

Then I thought:

Oh, nope, it's a Morphtronic.

But then:

It's a Cyber RFP!

Annnd then:

With a tiiny bit of Dark World.









No. Don't make random Decks, stick to a theme. Fortunately for you, this is one of the better randoms, but still stick with a theme.

May I suggest Lightsworn?

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