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I hope people will look at these

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There ya go' date=' dude.


As for the card itself, a little strange. Nice bonus and destruction effect when they have no monsters. The limiting effect is quite excessive, but I guess that it's needed if all the Rasa'Ka monsters are powerful.


Not a bad card. Image is nice, balance is okay, Image credit is needed. OCG needs a bit of work. I think it goes:


[i']If this card is Special Summoned, you cannot Summon any other monsters and this card cannot attack this turn. Increase the ATK of all other face-up monsters with "Rasa'Ka" in their name by 1000. If your opponent has no monsters on their field, destroy this card.[/i]


I'd give this about a 7/10. Not bad. 8)

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Thanks for the complement dude. These guys just came to me and I figured why not make them.

Do they really look that good? I wish that I worked at the yugioh card company though, that would be awesome. Thanks for the comment, if you have any other ideas that I could add, let me know man.

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