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dragon deck im working on post comments


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Simply awful. Here's why:


Dragon Cloud:

dragon cloud= Dragon Cloud

Ridiculously high ATK and DEF stats for a Level 1 monster


Bad OCG and cheap effect. No drawbacks to make it even whatsoever


Dragon of the Sky:

You posted the same card twice

If it's a dragon of the sky, why is it EARTH?

dragon of the sky= Dragon of the Sky

Don't make vanilla cards. They are frowned upon, and are useless without effects

dragon= Dragon


Dragon Protector:

Needs a better picture

OCG errors:

when= When

dragon type monster= Dragon-Type monster

Overall effect makes no sense, and has no drawbacks to it


Dragon of the East:

Dragon Of The East= Dragon of the East

dragon= Dragon

So many OCG errors, that here's a fixed version of the effect:

"This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 2 Dragon-Type monsters in your Graveyard. As long as this card is on the field, neither players can Summon non Dragon-Type monsters. Decrease this monster's ATK by 200 points for every Spell Card activated. Increase this card's ATK by 200 points for every Spell Card in your Graveyard."



And that's why these cards are horrible. 2/10

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