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A Fan-Fiction by JG: Rise of the Elements! [PG-13] [CHAPTER 3 ADDED]


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Hi, JG here, and welcome to my newest FanFic! I have made 2 or 3 in the past, but none I have really had the will to continue. I will try to make this one different. I want to finish this one.


NOTE: The PG-13 is there because the Fic does contain Mild Violence and Swearing. Anyways, the story:


[spoiler=The Fan-Fiction]

[spoiler=Chapter 1 - The Ancient Manuscripts]

Zeta squeezed his through the narrow passages that made up the corridor into the ancient temple. Zeta was a young man, maybe 16 or 17, with black hair that was now full of cobwebs and dust from the passages. He was wearing a navy blue shirt with an old and torn black jacket on top. His trousers had been torn to almost beyond recognition, but they were once a pair of dark blue jeans. He was now about halfway through the passage; he could see the faint light at the end of the passage. It was creepy in the temple, which lay in the middle of a huge jungle in the poor country Stalona. It was a hot and humid day, which was made worse by the fact the sun had just reached its full height in the sky, which made it even hotter than it already was. Zeta had already been stung by loads of different insects and spiders, and also received his fair share of poisonous plants. He was now at the end of the passage, after a long and perilous journey, he had finally reached his goal.


“Just a little more” he thought, as popped out of the passage and dropped onto the small ledge below. He brushed himself down as he pulled all the cobwebs and creeps out of his hair. He lifted his head to see if he had finally found the right place, and was gobsmacked by what he saw; rows upon rows of ancient hieroglyphs, which were probably thousands of years old. If you hadn’t guessed by now, Zeta was quiet the adventurer, he loved to put himself into danger and explore old buildings and temples. But this was by far the most spectacular he had ever seen.


“Oh my god…”he stuttered, almost unable to speak from pure amazement. He slowly dropped the last few feet off the ledge and onto the floor of the cavern. It was at least 30 feet from the ground to the ceiling, both of which were also covered in hieroglyphs, larger than the ones on the walls. He slowly walked towards the walls to examine them.


“Wow, this is more interesting than I thought…” he mumbled, as he lets hand glide slowly across the symbols. “It foretells the coming of 6 legendary dragons, which will pick out the 6 most worthy duelists across the globe…” he slowly said to himself. “The 6 dragons serve an even more almighty being, known as the Crystal Dragon.” He recited the ancient symbols on the wall. “Then, a great being will rise to counter the great dragons, known as Kainokaro. This great being, maybe more powerful than the Crystal Dragon, will then challenge all the 6 dragons to a battle, to be eternally known as: Ragnarock.” During this sentence he slowed down, almost to a halt, as his speech became no more than a whisper. “Holy crap, this is way more than I could ever imagine…” He quietly whispered to himself. “So according to these ancient manuscripts, one day, soon, the souls of 6 dragons shall rise to…” he was interrupted by a massive blast that echoed around the huge cavern. He spun round but was blinded by the dust in the room. When he could finally see again, he noticed that the north wall the been blown down, and he could see the outlines of 2 figures coming out of the dust towards him.


“What the…” He said to himself. But then he realised what it was coming towards him. But by then it was too late. By the time it had taken him to absorb what had just happened, 2 zombies grabbed his arms and pushed them into his back. The other 2 figures he saw earlier also came out of the dust plume now, followed by many others. They were saying, or rather chanting something, which sounded like “Take him before the king. Take him before the king.” in a very harsh, rasping voice. Zeta tried all he had learnt to escape the grasp of the zombies, but he was no match for their inhuman strength. He let them carry him through the hole in the wall without even putting up a fight. But he had a plan. As they entered a room, Zeta was gobsmacked by the size of this one. He thought the other one was huge; this room was at least twice as big!


The zombies put him down on the ground, but still had a firm grip around his wrists. A loud, but rasping voice echoed across the room. Zeta couldn’t see who or what said it, but it was coming from in front of him.


“Why are you here?” The voice asked. Zeta didn’t answer. “I asked you” the voice continued “Why are you here?” Zeta decided to reply this time. But not the way anyone expected.


He used all the strength he had regained in his spell of relaxation while they carried him here, and broke loose of the zombies grip as they were taken completely by surprise. He put his left foot down, and using it as a lever, he spun round, raising his leg, followed by a roundhouse kick with his heel, right the face of the zombie. The impact echoed around the cavern as the zombies head was flung of by the impact, and landed 10 feet away. The other zombie he spun round and gave a elbow in the face, sending it to the ground along with its, now headless, comrade. He readied himself for another kick, but to his surprise, none came. Instead the voice, which had shown itself to be the king, walked towards him, chuckling gleefully.


“I see you don’t like being captured.” He chuckled. “But very well. We’ll make a deal. Do have a deck boy?” Zeta nodded, as he pulled his deck out of his pocket. Along with his duel disk, which, by using nanotechnology, could now fit in a pocket along with a duelists deck.


The king chuckled again. “I see you have a duel disk as well.” He said as a duel dish, which seemed to be made from bone, grew out from his arm. “Here’s the deal: We duel. If you win, I will allow you to go free. But if you lose, you must stay and replace the guy whose head you have just kicked off.” Zeta though about it.


“Deal” he said “But you must keep your promise. Or else I’ll kick your head of too, along with everyone else in here.”


“Hehe, I will, I will...” he chuckled.


“Ok, DUEL!” they both shouted.


Zeta: 4000

The King: 4000


“I’ll go first!” Zeta shouted, before the king could even react. “I summon Sinister Mage (****/1700/1500) in attack mode! I also set 2 cards face-down, and end my turn!” The 3 cards appeared as holographic images, and out of the monster card came a mage in dark robes, with a staff with red orb on top.


“Hrmph, my turn” the king grunted. “I summon Majestic Zombie Lord (******/2200/800) in attack mode!” A skeleton, which was more a pile of bones, appeared on the field.


“What, you can’t do that!” Zeta protested, but to no avail.


“Hehe, it’s my cards effect. If there are no monsters on my side of the field, I can Special Summon this guy directly from my hand. But now, attack his Sinister Mage!” he ordered.


“Wait a minute, I activate my face-down card, activate Shining Staff! This card can only be equipped to a Spellcaster-Type monster I control, so I equip it to my Sinister Mage! Now my mage has 2200 attack points, just like your zombie!” The mage’s staff started to glow with a blinding light.


“And now, I activate my mage’s effect! During my Battle Phase I can discard 1 card from my hand, to increase its attack by an additional 500 points! Now it has 2700 attack points, which is higher than your zombie! And since you can’t stop your attack...”


The mages staff glowed even brighter as the zombie rushed towards it. But just as the zombie was about to strike down, the mage unleashed a huge flash of light, which instantly vaporised the zombie.

“Grr, drat” the king mumbled quietly.


Zeta: 4000

The King: 3500


“Hehe, my turn again” Zeta grinned as he drew a card. “I Tribute my Sinister Mage to summon Decisio, Dragon of Demise (******/2300/1500)!” A huge dragon, so large that it almost broke through the roof, appeared from the shattered remains of the magician. “And now,” Zeta shouted as he held up a card “I activate my dragons effect! I can discard my entire hand to double the attack of this card until my turn ends, and at that time it is also destroyed. So now my dragon has 4600 attack points!”


“B-b-b-but...” the king stuttered.


“No buts here!” Zeta replied. “Now go my dragon, attack him directly!”

The huge dragon rise up on its hind legs, up to its full size, and then it came crashing down at immense speeds, right down onto the king.


“Ahhhhhhhhh!” the king squealed as he was almost crushed under the immense weight of the dragon.


Zeta: 4000

The King: 0


“Seems I win” Zeta said with a cheesy grin on his face. “You can’t win duels with monsters alone. A good deck has a good mix of monsters, spells and traps.”


“Your theory lessons won’t help you now.” the king grinned. “Guards, capture him!”


“But you said...” Zeta tried to say.


“Have you ever seen a villain keep his word?” the king grinned.


“You son of a jabroni...” Zeta cursed under his breath as the zombies grabbed him. They were just about to shred him apart with their jagged claws when suddenly, a blindingly bright light exploded from the opposite wall.


“What the...” Zeta was astounded. The zombies instantly tightened their grip. He thought that surely it was over now, but instead of crushing him, they threw him like maybe 15 feet away. The impact was hard and an intense pain shot up through his side, but he was alive, that was what made him most happy. The light in the wall had grown even brighter now, vaporising the zombies, but in a sudden burst of energy, Zeta was thrown backwards into the wall, knocking him unconscious for a few seconds.


When he came to, 6 bits of stone, the size of a card, but maybe 5 times bigger, were floating around him. They were all emitting a faint light, which looked remarkably like the light in the wall.


“Did you... Did you make that light that killed the zombies?” Zeta asked them, yet he had no idea why, seeing as stones couldn’t talk, could they? As he expected, no-one answered. He started walking past the stones, towards the place where he had also entered, when he suddenly saw the bright light again. This time it was coming from the stones.


“What the heck...” he muttered quietly. But then, before he had time to think, the stone with what looked like an ancient version of the EARTH attribute symbol exploded, and a white something came flying towards him. For a second he thought it looked like a spirit, a dragon spirit, and then he remembered the ancient manuscripts. “6 dragons... Once every thousand years... No... this can’t be...” All the thoughts rushed through his head but he was brought back to reality by an immense pain, more painful than anything he had ever experienced before. Zeta screamed and screamed, yet the pain wouldn’t stop. He regained enough composure to see what was causing the pain. The spirit was trying to break into his body. That’s what it seemed like. The pain continued for another minute or so, when suddenly he felt an almost godly emptiness, as the spirit had broken through, into his soul. Then he blacked out.



[spoiler=Chapter 2 - Saving a Life]

“Okay, on my three.” A voice shouted just outside the temple. “One... Two... Three!” Right on cue, a deafening explosion ripped through the temple, or rather what was left of it, as a team of explorers blasted through the final wall. They had all seen the commotion inside the temple a few hours before, and it had taken them the better part of 4 hours to blast through all the walls, seeing as the roof had caved in on all the entrances, so they had to receive special permission from the government to possibly destroy such an ancient artefact. Luckily for them, it had only taken a few minutes of arguing, because they had seen someone climb inside, but no-one leaving, so they had to retrieve the possibly trapped person, or in the worst case, his body.


“Ok, we’re through.” The leader of the team said. “Now search and find the person, but we may be too late...” he became quiet towards the end, as he saw that large parts of the roof all over the temple had caved in, there were a few spots where it was still up, but the chance of the trapped being there was minimal.


“Hey boss, we’ve found something” one of the workers shouted. He was a relatively young man of about 25, long brown hair and glasses. The boss glanced down. At first he couldn’t see anything, because of the dust in the air after the workers had moved the rocks. Then he saw it. A hand, sticking out between the rocks, the glove it was wearing torn into pieces.


“Holy smoke...” the boss mumbled. “Alright men, get him out!” He shouted as the workers immediately formed a human chain and started removing the rocks. After 10 minutes of hard labour, they had finally removed enough rocks to get the body out. As they carried him out into the open, they did all the routine medical procedures, checking for pulse, breathing, all the other vital stuff. His breathing was a little harsh, but they determined that it was caused by the huge amounts of dust that the man must have inhaled. But little did they know that they had just saved the life of a man whose destiny lies in saving the world...



[spoiler=Chapter 3 - Nasty Suprise]

Zeta was airlifted to the hospital in Sichal, the capital of Stalona. It was 1 of the largest in the world, despite the rather poor status of the country. Once there, he was immediately put in intensive care, due to all his injuries, plus they had discovered a huge burn mark on his chest. The doctors said it was a miracle he was still alive. There were nurses and doctors around him 24/7, at least until he could walk on his own again. Everyone he knew was very worried about him, and when he didn’t wake up the first day, the tension and worry was upped by 50%. Many of the doctors predicted that he would go into coma.


Zeta hadn’t woken up yet. It had been 48 hours since he had been found, which made the total time he was unconscious about 52 hours, which was a record in Sichal. None of the doctors had much hope for him. But miracles do happen, as they were about to experience...


It was the 3rd night Zeta had been in Sichal, and he had just woken up the evening before. He had amazed the doctors, just waking up like that. Almost no memory loss at all. The only thing he couldn’t remember was his time in the temple. He was lying in his hospital bed, awake, listening to the bustling traffic outside. Again, Sichal was an almost direct opposite of the country it was situated in. Sichal was a bustling metropolis, with traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of the world’s largest businesses had headquarters in Sichal, due to the almost impenetrable economy of the city. This was all due to the fact that Stalona was a very independent country, only accepting help from the WU when they really needed it.


The WU, which stood for Worlds United, wasn’t really happy about this, seeing as their ultimate goal was to unite all living species in the universe into 1 alliance. So far their mission had gone very well, having persuaded about 10% of living species in the known universe to join. The WU were very pleased with that figure. It may not seem like much, they said, but if you consider the fact that the technology we have today only allows us to communicate with only 30% of the known universe, we are very pleased with 10%.


Zeta was awake. He was woken by the pain in his chest, from the burn mark. Of course, he knew what had caused the burn mark, but he had decided that he wouldn’t tell the doctors, they probably wouldn’t believe him, and would probably just decide that maybe he had taken brain damage after all, and Zeta didn’t want that to happen. He slowly got out of bed, quietly slipped into some of his own clothes, and walked slowly downstairs to the reception. He knew the night receptionist quiet well already, due to the fact that he was one of the first to notice Zeta awaken the evening before. Zeta glanced at the clock in the hall. It was half past 1 in the morning, so even the night receptionist, whose name was Kai, would probably be asleep. As he entered the main hall, he saw Kai slumped against his desk. Zeta guesses he was asleep, but he needed someone to talk to, so he went over and tried to wake him.


“Hey, Kai, Kai, wake up.” He said quietly. When Kai didn’t respond, Zeta tried shaking him a bit. When that didn’t work Zeta guessed that he must really have been tired. That was when he noticed the blood. Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed something red in the dim light of the reception. As he went over to examine it, he saw that it was all over the place, on the desk, on the wall, even on the ceiling! Then a thought struck him. If someone was to break in, Kai would be the first to try to stop them, if he wasn’t asleep, that is. He rushed over and lifted his head. At that very moment, his worst fears came true. In Kai’s forehead, right between his eyes, was a tiny hole. The same hole went out the back of his head. Zeta dropped his head and went over the toilet. He threw up. As he was about to go to the main office, which was just up the stairs, not far from his room, a voice made him stop dead in his tracks.


“Hey, you, stop right there” a voice shouted. Zeta froze. He dared not turn round, expecting to see a gun pointing at his face, ready to blow his brains out. “What are you doing here?” The voice asked him. Zeta said nothing, paralyzed with fear. “I asked you something...” the voice repeated, sounding as if the owner was getting irritated. Zeta judged by the voice that now he must be close. He closed his eyes, hoping that his still weak body would be able to cope with what he was about to do.


He stabbed his left heel into the floor, while bringing his body round, he kicked out with his right leg, catching the man right in the stomach. He wasn’t as close as Zeta had hoped, but close enough. The kick slammed right into the sift flesh of his stomach, knocking every ounce of breath out of him. He was flung back a few feet gliding a few more across the floor, ending his journey rather abruptly by slamming his head into the desk, where Kai also lay slumped. Serves him right, Zeta thought. He didn’t even know if it was him that had killed Kai. Well, he wasn’t sure until he heard the shot. He felt a force, almost a punch, in the back of his head. He knew instantly what had happened. Then he collapsed.








The name of the Fic isn't final, this is just an idea, the best I really could think of, so title suggestions are welcome.


I might add character profiles later.

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You could do with working on your grammar. =\

I saw a couple of mistakes while reading, try to fix those before releasing a final product next time, ya?


Anyway, GodPuppy is correct. It's very well-written. If there's one thing I dislike, it's the fact that you leave an empty line after each paragraph or speech. Good luck with this!

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Chapter 2 added. I'm sorry that it's so short, but Ive just written it now, as my PC had deleted the previous 1. I had the feeling that you wanted at least some of Chapter 2, so yeah... Chapter 3 will be up in about a week (I hope).

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