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Doom Assault World

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Monsters: 18


3 Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode (My anti-drug.)

3 Goka, the Pyre of Malice (Can be searched via Pyramid, is a pretty cool guy.)


3 Armageddon Knight (Send Plague, insta Doomkaiser.)

1 Plaguespreader Zombie (It being Limited sucks. Badly.)

1 Mezuki (SS stuff from Grave, namely Plague.)

3 Zombie Master (Revive Plague, get Doomkaiser)

3 Pyramid Turtle (SS Plague, or Master, or Goka, whatever fits the situation.)

1 Sangan (Get Plague, Pyramid, or Arma.)


Spells: 14


1 Reinforcement of the Army (Get an Arma.)

2 Foolish Burial (Plague runs the generator. Also for Mezuki and stuff I guess. xD)

3 Zombie World (Make use of Doomkaiser and its Assault Mode.)

1 Brain Control (Take an opponent's monster, tribute for somethin'.

3 Book of Life (Revive stuff.)

1 Monster Reborn (Staple, revive stuff.)

2 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation (Get an RFP'd Mezuki or Plague.)

1 Giant Trunade (Clear S/Ts to swarm-attack the opponent but doesn't kill World.)

1 Card of Safe Return (DRAW CARD!)


Traps: 8


3 Assault Mode Activate! (Get Doom Assault.)

1 Threatening Roar (Stop an opponent's rampage, get a chance to counter-strike.)

1 Torrential Tribute (Nuke when the field gets ugly.)

3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (Get stuff in the Graveyard, spin a card.)


Extra: 15


3 Doomkaiser Dragon (Its Assault is my win condition; good w/Zombie World.)

3 Revived King Ha Des (Stop suspicious looking face-downs.)

1 Goyo Guardian (Staple.)

2 Stardust Dragon (Staple, stop from nukin' ma swarm, can get w/ Plague + Doom/Goka.)

2 Thought Ruler Archfiend (Filler, it's pretty fun.)

2 Dark Strike Fighter (Convert swarms into damage after attacking for win.)

1 Red Dragon Archfiend (Filler.)

1 Colossal Fighter (Filler.)

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Uh.. the way you provide reasoning for every single card choice makes my eyes hurt.. just write a summary of the deck afterwards and if anybody's confused they can ask you personally. It will be nicer to look at/fix that way.

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