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My Sickest Card Yet


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Quick-Play Trap Card lol.


Suggestion: If you want to bear the title "Excellent Yugioh Card Maker", it'd be wise to do some of your own artwork, lest you look unoriginal.


Because really, this stuff's unoriginal.


And this card has no effect since Quick-Play Trap Cards don't exist ;o



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OMG stop being a d!ck and come up with your own cards' date=' instead of just slightly changing the effects and pic of other cards.



But noobs think it's awesome to invert and recolor cards and not be original. :P



Yes we know that Elmo.

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whats a Quick play Trap card? and trap hole isn't one, you noob, have you seen trap hole before?


quick plays are Spells, because quick plays are cards that can be used as both Spells and Traps, also, can be used during the battle phase from the hand ;)


and this cards image is so fake and stolen, same as your other,.


For being a noob to yugioh and art, you get a lower score :?



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