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「ßℓØØDℓܧT」's FAQ before posting please check if it isn't here, 42 FAQS and constantly growing!


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  1. 1. Should this thread get stickied?

    • Yes, it's a great help!
    • No it's pointless
    • Let the mods decide


ok, this is my interpretation of a FAQ guide, if this is in the wrong section please could a mod move it elsewhere. If there's something you want quickly but can't find it please type ctrl + f and then type what you want to find and search, it should come up, if not please comment on what it was you were looking for and i'll add it. The reason I made this was to save newbies posting the same topic countless times, so here we go!


1. How do I change my username?


Its simple, just go to the Alias Emporium in the general section or click Here

note: Read the rules of the Alias Emporium before posting, your account must be at least 4 month's old and some character's are restricted, additional rules provided in the thread.


2. How do I change the text under my user name?


First go to user CP, below the card maker symbol, then scroll down the menu and click edit profile at the top right it should say Custom User Title, type your text in there and then scroll down and click Update Profile and voila!


3. How do I change my Picture at the side of my username/avatar?


Go to the user CP below the card maker symbol, then scroll down the menu and click change avatar, and upload the picture you want from you want from your computer or the internet using the image location see below

note: If you are uploading an animated image from your computer make sure that it is no bigger than 100x100 otherwise YCM will resize it and ruin the animation. Once done click change avatar you may have to wait a while before the avatar actually changes


4. How do I get the thing below my posts/signature?


Go to the user CP below the card maker symbol, then scroll down the menu and click change signature, upload the images or text make sure you use img tags for the images, they should look like this

[img=image location]

and click update signature or preview signature first if you want to see how it turns out.


5. How do I get more level stars?


Your level increases when you reach a certain post count, here is teh famed chart

level 1: Succesfully become a member of yugioh card maker

level 2: Reach 25 posts

level 3: Reach 150 posts

level 4: Reach 400 posts

level 5: Reach 1000 posts or become a moderator

level 6: Reach 5000 posts or become a super moderator

level 7: Is unreachable unless you are YCMaker


6. What are points for/how do I get them?


Points can be used in various ways, as prizes for competitions, payment for shops or to give to members as a celebration, paying for a request, entry fees for contest or any other means you can think of. You can get points by posting/threads finishing orders in shops, winning contests, completing requests, and any other way you can think of. To give points click your targets username and find how many points they have, then click it and select how many points you want to give and your reason why


7. how do you do those click to view things/spoilers?


Use this code


it would turn out like this



you can change the title of the spoiler by doing this


which would turn out like this [spoiler=example]example


8. What is OCG?


No, it's not the Japanese version of TCG, OCG stands for official card grammar, if other members are complaining your OCG is bad there is an official thread about it here


9. What is rep/how do I get more?


Rep is if you like, a rating system for Yu-gi-oh card maker, if you are a good member, and don't spam, members may give you additional rep, however if you break the rules members may give you negative rep. The Rules and a guide to becoming a good member are located here and here to give a rep click your targets reputation level and then click rate user. you can then select 3 different types of reps, your reason must be valid though!


10. How do some people have effects on their names?


Well, it depends on the effect if someone has a line through they're name they are banned, if their name is in italic then that person hasn't registered their account through email yet. If their name is bolded then they are a moderator.


11. What is a moderator or super moderator/how do I become one?


Moderators are user who have proven themselves to be useful around the thread they moderate. Moderators are chosen by Falling Pizza or YCMaker. They have abilities that normal users do not like editing posts, locking threads, banning users and stickying threads, the also have access to mod only threads.


12. What is the warning level below my reputation level?


The warning level is something only you and mods can see, everytime you break a rule you will recieve a warning, depending on how serious it was your warning level will be raised, if it reaches 100% you will be banned temporarily, if you continue to reach 100% you will be permabanned, if you make more than 1 account and break the rules continuously you will end up getting I.P banned meaning you cannot access YCM using your I.P address.


13. How do I upload images to my cards?


There are multiple ways of doing this, but I will be telling you the standard, convient and probably most basic method of uploading images, first find the image you want, the sites I recommend searching are www.google.com www.deviantart.com and www.photobucket.com once you've found the image you want make sure it is in full-screen and then right click > properties, then find the image location and copy/paste it into your Picture URL and then generate the image,

note: If the image is copyrighted you will need to get permission from the artist to use it, you must give image credit for the images you use and this is where this method is convinient, you simply have to copy/paste the text from the picture url into your post and state it is the image credit for your card.


14. How do I upload my card in a post?


Never use attatchments, simply click on the card and it will upload to imageshack, then copy the code that appears below the card and paste it into your post.


15. How do you holo a card?


You will need GIMP. Also you will need a holo sheet, try seaching around google. Then check the tutorials section, I recommend looking at this thread be sure not to post on it!


16. Sometimes MYBB internal server error comes up, why is this?


This is because there are too many connections, just wait a while and you should be able to get back on


17. How do I make a booster pack?


Here is the simplest way, you will need ms paint, click here do not post on that thread!


18. How do I make a Dark Synchro?


Take a look at this thread, you will need GIMP and it could get complicated


19. How do you make text effects?


use these codes, these are the ones I know

[b]text here[/b]
[i]text here[/i]
[s]text here[/s]
[u]text here[/u]

you can change font, size and color of the text by using the selections, at the top of a full post.


20. How do I make a word into a link?


use this code

[url=url goes here]example[/url]


21. How do I get those creatures in my signature?


Clicking on the creature will usually take you to the website where you can get them, just copy the code and paste it into your signature


22. How do I make Custom Sub-Types?


Visit this thread just don't do anything stupid


23. How do I send a pm?


First find the user you want to pm, and click his username, if they have private messaging enable you will see send **** a pm, then jst send it as you would a post


24. How do I make a shop?


Post your shop in the shops section, you must also post a list of your wares and how much they cost, to see how you create something search around the tutorials section


25. What is the max size for an avatar?


100x100 any bigger and the pic will get resized.


26. How do you make an animation?


Check this tutorial


27. How do I post a poll


simply check the "I want to post a poll" box at the bottom of your post, and select how many options you want, you will then be taken to the question screen and the rest is pretty easy to figure out


28. What is a stickied thread?


A stickied thread is one that stays on top of the forum no matter what. This means it is important and wont die unless it is unstickied.


29. What happens when you subscribe to a thread?


you will recieve emails and pms notifying you a post has been made on that thread, this can full inboxes quickly though but can be very useful


30. What happens when a thread is locked?


A locked thread is a thread that can no longer be posted on, threads are locked because of reasons like necrobumping, spam, unappropriate topics and etc.


31. What is necrobumping?


Necrobumping is when someone posts on a really old thread bumping it to the top,normally this would end in a lock.


32. What does bump mean?


Bump is a term used when users want to bump their thread to the top of the list by posting a bump message, bump stands for Bump Up My Post.


33. What's that printer sign I see below some people's names?/How do I get one?


This was the first official award from the YCM print-a-card contest, you can see all the details and enter the contest itself here


34. What does the cards sign mean below my post count?


This just shows how many cards you have, you shouldn't worry about it because there's no contest going on of who has the most cards.


35. What is a render?/How do I make one?


A render is an image on a plain white background, these are used so that users can edit the images, e.g add them to sigs or put a background onto them. I will add my own personal TUT on how to do it on GIMP 2.6 later on


36. How do I add a background to my card pictures?


For the method, and probably the easiest way you will need a render, see above and ms paint. First, go to file > open and select your background, then go to edit > paste from and select your render, post the render onto the background make sure the render is still selected then find the picture with the cylinder circle and cube, select the transparent version (the one where the cube isn't on a white background) and your render is now on a background, then resize and feel free to mess around as you wish, I will add images later


37. How come my Sig is in a spoiler?


This is probably because your signature is too large, so a mod will have changed it, it's nothing to worry about it's still there :)


38. What is flaming?


Check the Rules see above flaming is swearing or abuse or anything like that to other members without a good or no reason


39. How do I make an Image with a link to something?


Use this code

[url=link to page][img=image location][/url]


40. How do I print cards/make my prints look real?


Go here, keep in mind that you should only use these against friends, and are illegal to sell or use in tournaments due to copyright laws


41. How do I unsubscribe to a forum?


Visit the forum, at the top it should say, mark forum as read/unsubscribe to this forum click the unsubscribe and your done


42. What's the point in using spoilers? / When should I use spoilers?


Spoilers can be used for various things, mainly in shops to reveal order forms/merchandise/etc. you can use spoilers to reveal things as well as just spice up your text. If images/text is too large then it may halt the whole page from loading or just obstruct the users way, thus giving the option to put it into a spoiler. You can use spoilers anywhere it seems right or convenient.


That concludes my FAQ so far, if you wish to contribute something to this thread simply post it here, I will be updating soon, so post your comments/suggestion and keep this thread alive! All credit to the links I havegoes to the respective authors and I claim no credit over them whatsoever.

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you should add Chaotix's Dark Synchro tut for it instead of giving a link to the Tutorial section,it can be easily adapted into GIMP with some knowledge.



if i am not mistaken,you haven't add the "How do i make ______ and it isn't in the FAQs?"

the answer should probably be like,search the tutorial section with the search function with keywords of what your looking for,then manual search the first 3-5 pages before posting a thread about it.

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