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The Krieger Set, (8/? Cards) Lock NAO, if you want reason read my last post


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Hello all and welcome to my new set. The set features a new Archtype called "Krieger". I came up with this Idea while reading Kale's Ally monsters. Their are a certain set of rules that the"Krieger" Archtype follow, see the rules section to learn more about this set. Please forgive my OCG errors as the new rules make it hard to write with good OCG. I hope you all like the set and plz rate.



1: "Stack" - is Referred to by Stacking a monster in a Spell/Trap card Zone.


2: Inside a "Stack" the monster is considered a Normal Spell, but it is stacked face up.


3: Their can be more then 1 card placed in a "Stack". Further more the monsters in a "Stack" cannot Attack or be Attacked.


4: In order for your opponent to destroy a monster in a "Stack" they must activate a Spell or Trap that would Destroy a Spell or Trap. Also your opponent can Negate the effect of the monster in a "Stack" like they would a Spell or Trap.












[spoiler=Pic Credit]

1st card is by Wolfsberserker

the rest all by Setrin off Photobucket



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I'm so sick of noobs in this place, they don't know what thier talking about half the time and they waste my threads by noobing it with thier crap comments and stuff, Icyblue I would appreciate a lock down on this thread because its obviously in the wrong section

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