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cooking with tokens.


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i had this mess lying around somewhere, so i thought id post it:



3 lava golem

3 caius

3 kuriboh

3 winged kuriboh



3 black garden

3 terraforming

2 meteor

3 tremendous

3 flute of the summoning kuriboh

3 fires of doomsday

1 scapegoat



1 crush card

1 ojama trio

3 just desserts

3 secret barrel

2 token feastevil







anyway, point of this deck is to manipulate the field with an excessive amount of tokens. summoning kuribohs via flutes helps to slow down the opponent and make more tokens.

once the field is full of crap, just desserts, secret barrel, and token feastevil (as the finisher) serve to burn the opponent while hes trying to gain some field advantage with weak lil tokens and halved attack monsters.

caius and lava golem help in that area. lava golem only gets 15 attack when hes summoned, so him hitting a plant token only gets 700 damage, a negligible amount considering he burns the opponent 1k every turn. also, since everything is a dark and weak, caius and crush troll out some heavy damage.

tremendous and meteor help make up the difference in damage.


the 3 terraformings are there because without black garden, this deck relies on scape, fires, and kuribohs to stall till it does get there.

black garden needs to hit the field as soon as possible in order to take some early field control.



with 6 targets, it could probably use an allure. (9 if you count every flute as a free kuriboh in your hand)

i also want to fit multiply in here.

last, chaos sorcerer is a possibility here.

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