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Yugioh GX: Ghosts of the Other World [Chapter 1 is up!]

Tekken Ham

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For a while now I've been wanting to write a GX manga, for my inner fanboy. Up until now I've really put it off, but I finally finished the prologue. Keep in mind, there will be Synchro monsters in here, and there will be no created cards, but there will be OCG cards.



Whether you like it or not, at least during one point of your life you heard talk of spirits or ghosts. Halloween doesn't count. Actual ghosts and ghouls, whether it be the monster under your bed, the monster in your closet, or the monster in your friend's closet. Now what if I told you these Spirits existed? What would you do?


You'd call me crazy right? Too bad I'm right. These Spirits are housed in cards. Yugioh cards. Usually they do nothing and people duel, oblivious to the Spirits. However there are sometimes special humans that can see and communicate with the Spirits, and sometimes Spirits reveal themselves to humans. Most of the time these Spirits are benign. Sometimes they are malicious, but those are rare. The evil ones lie dormant until they can take advantage of the humans. So only a few cases of these are spotted.


"Another portal has opened up!" a man shouted.


"Again? This is the fourth time this week!" another man shouted.


"Dammit, what the hell is wrong with this world?" shouted another.


All 3 men wore the same uniform, it looked like something out of a science fiction book. They were in a room lined with computer displays, keyboards, and other advanced technology. Other men and women in the same uniform were also in the room. All of them were monitoring their displays.


"Where is it this time Taka?" the second man asked.


"The same place as the last ones." Taka replied.


"What the hell ARE they doing there?"


"Who knows what they do in the middle of the ocean."



*Miles away in the middle of the ocean*


Two boys were dueling on an island, surrounded by other people of the same age dueling. The field stood at this:


Boy 1: 3300 LP

Genex Blast and 2 face down Spell/Traps.

2 cards in hand.


Boy 2: 2400 LP

No monsters on the field, 1 face down Spell/Trap.

5 cards in hand.


"And now I summon Genex Controller!" a boy in a Slifer Red uniform shouted. Suddenly, a robotic head appeared on his field. "Next I'll tune it with my Genex Blast!"


The robotic head transformed into three rings while a fan flew through the rings. Four stars appeared in the fan, and then the fan disappeared.


"Show yourself, Wind Farm Genex!"


A large robot with a fan in its chest appeared.


"He also gains 300 ATK for each face-down Spell or Trap card on the field!"


"Dammit Ren, you're too good at this game!" the other boy complained.


"Oh, quit whining, this will be over soon. I'll activate Wind Farm's effect! By sending one card from my hand to the graveyard, I can destroy a face down on the field! I'll choose your face down!" Ren exclaimed.


"No, my Sakuretsu Armor!"


"Wind Farm, attack him directly with Tornado Strike!"


Wind Farm Genex produced a large tornado with his chest fan and shot it at the other boy.


"Good game Kyle!" Ren offered a handshake to his opponent.


"Good game..." Kyle grudgingly replied.


Genex Controller suddenly appeared in front of Ren, apparently only he could see it too. It beeped.


I couldn't have done it without you buddy, Ren thought.


Genex Controller replied with a set of happy beeps.




Chapter 1-New Classes, New Friends, New Enemies.



Chapter 2-Science vs... Kyle?

Coming Soon!

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I'm surprised you changed the spelling for "Halloween".


Anyway, might I suggest including the stats next to the monster's name when it is Summoned?


For example:


"I summon Elemental Hero Prisma (1700/1000) in Attack Mode!", Jim shouted.

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Mozilla spellchecks my posts.


I guess adding the stats would be helpful' date=' but I assumed that someone could easily search the card on Yugioh Wiki.



It would help to know the stats when you're reading it so that you know what is going on instead of having to go check Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia every time a monster is summoned.

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[spoiler=Chapter 1-New Classes, New Friends, New Enemies]

*Outside Duel Academy*


The bell rung.


"Dammit we're gonna be late Ren! I knew I shouldn't have dueled you!" Kyle yelled. He started to dash into the main building, hoping to avoid detention. Ms. Rhodes was strict in all sense of the word.


"Who cares? We're Slifer Red, everyone considers us dropouts." Ren asked as he nonchalantly strolled into the building.


Turns out both Kyle and Ren ended up late. Ms. Rhodes was annoyed with Kyle, but she let him sit down with only a warning. Kyle was exausted from running and was panting as he took his seat


Ten minutes later, Ren showed up. Ms. Rhodes was furious with him.


"Just go to detention now..." she sighed as she tried to contain her anger, it was the fifth time he had been late this week, and it was only Wednesday.


Ren strolled down the hall again, looking for the detention room. After around 5 minutes of walking down empty hallways, he found the school store. He decided to pick up a sandwich because he forgot to eat breakfast. Sadly, it wasn't the Golden Egg Sandwich, it was a ham sandwich.


Works for me. he thought.


He continued to walk and eat until he ended up at the detention room. It was dark and quiet inside. Ren slammed the door open and turned on the lights. The detention teacher was rudely woken up by the door and lights.


"Who is it this ti- Dammit Ren, can you avoid detention for ONE day?" he sighed.


"Aww who cares, everyone knows that even the teachers expect the Slifers to fail and drop out."


"Not ALL of us." the teacher sighed.


"You don't count, you're the Slifer Red professor."


"Fine, you children these days..."


Fifteen minutes passed by. Still no more students dropped by. In fact the room seemed to get darker, damper, and smaller by the minute. Ren groaned out of boredom.


"If you're so bored, why don't we duel to pass the time?" the teacher asked.




Both Ren and the teacher brought out their duel disks.


"Duel!" they both shouted.


Ren's LP: 4000

Teacher's LP: 4000

"I'll go first!" Ren shouted as he drew his opening hand.

Not the best hand to start with, but it will have to do. he thought.


"I'll Normal Summon my Genex Neutron (1800/1200) to the field!"


A large and somewhat human looking robot appeared on his field.


"I'll throw down a face-down too!"


A face-down card appeared on his field behind Neutron.


"Now I'll end my turn, and Genex Neutron's special ability activates! I get to add one Machine Tuner from my deck to my hand! I'll choose Genex Controller!"


Genex Controller appeared in front of Ren, just like last time. Ren smiled.


"Now it's my turn! Draw!" the teacher's voice had hints of obvious faked enthusiasm.


"I'll play Six Samurai United!"


The card appeared on his field, nothing special so far.


"Next I'll summon The Six Samurai-Yaichi(1300/800)! And since I summoned a Six Samurai, my Six Samurai United gets a Bushido Counter!"


An archer in ornate armor appeared on the field, his bow ready for action. Also, part of the Six Samurai United(SSU) card lit up.


"Next I'll activate the effect of my Grandmaster of the Six Samurai(2100/800) in my hand. Since I have a Six Samurai on the field, I can Special Summon him, and my SSU gains another counter!"


A white haired samurai appeared on his field, and SSU was fully lit.


"Now I'll activate Yaichi's effect! When there's another Samurai on the field, I can destroy a face-down Spell/Trap! I'll choose the only one on the field-yours."


Yaichi shot an arrow at the face-down, dust was thrown up. When the dust cleared the card was face-up and activated.


"Too bad I activated my Threatening Roar!" Ren laughed. "Now you can't attack me for the rest of the turn!" he continued.


"So? I'll activate SSU's effect now! I can send it to the graveyard to draw a card for each counter on it, and since I had two counters, I can draw two cards!"


The teacher drew two cards and smiled a bit, he was pretty happy with what he drew.


"I'll set a face-down and end my turn!" he smiled as the face-down hologram appeared on his field.


"It's my turn now! Draw!" Ren said as he drew a card.


"I'll tribute my Genex Neutron for Army Genex(2300/1300)! And since he was summoned by tributing a Genex monster, I can destroy one card on your field! I'll choose your face-down!" Ren shouted.


A large robot in camouflage coloring appeared. His face was a skull and there were wires on his back. He was holding a large gun. A gun that promptly fired at the face-down card.


"Tch, my Mirror Force was destroyed." the teacher said as he looked pained, probably from losing such a good card.


"Now Army Genex will attack your Grandmaster!"


The robot fired his gun at the Samurai. When the dust cleared, the Samurai was gone.


"You also lose 200 LP!" Ren added.


Ren's LP: 4000

Teacher's LP: 3800


"Now I'll end my turn! Good luck coming back from that play!" Ren said, trying to taunt the teacher.


"I won't need luck." the teacher muttered as he drew his card. His smile grew even wider.


*A Dark Room*

A group of hooded men were gathering, there were six of them. They placed Science Soldier(800/800) on a table that was marked in blood. The mark was in the shape of a pentagram. Each of them started to chant.


Slowly, their hands, the pentagram, and the card all started to glow. The glow grew in intensity until there was a bright flash of light. All of the men smiled as an actual Science Soldier materialized in front of their eyes. This wasn't a hologram.



Next: Chapter 2- Science vs... Kyle?

Coming sometime later this week!

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You don't need to add "he thought" if you use Italics. The Italics symbolize the thought.


Plot: Not much to go by so far. 7/10

Characters: There isn't much character development. You might want to start to build on that. 5/10

Duel: Too early in the duel to tell, but it seems alright. 7/10


Episode Score: 19/30 63% E


On a side note, the villains are terrifying! Science Soldier! How scary!

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