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Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme


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The Sorcerer Supreme! Please point out any OCG errors, pic from photobucket.



[spoiler=Card Lore:]

This card can only be Summoned by Tributing one "Stephen Strange" you control. Once per turn, when this card is Face-Up on your field, you can choose one monster your opponent controls and do one of the following.

-Reduce the chosen monster's ATK and DEF by 500.

-Switch the chosen monster's position.

-Pay 500 Life Points to return the chosen monster to your opponent's hand.

If you choose to select the chosen monster as the target of an attack by this card without activating one of the above effects, this card gains 200 ATK when attacking the chosen monster. When this card is in Defense Position, increase the ATK of each Spellcaster-Type monster you control by 300. When this card is destroyed, Special Summon one LIGHT monster with Level Stars equalling 5 or less from your hand.





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