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From the above contest


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Create two card based on one of the following types: fairy, wing beast or dragon. first card has to be a normal monster other card has to be an effect monster that work's with normal monster or both the normal monster and it's self only.

There is no entry fee, but donations will help make the prize bigger.

Prize is for 1st place only and as of now is 6 rep 60 points.

Contest ends 2/14

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any more spaming and you will lose a rep. and yes I do I have more than 25 post to give rep


i know. i'm new, i though rep was liike points


i still don't get the idea of the contest, and IMO that isn't spamming


i can't enter if i don't understand. it's just that you worded it weird. i understand the 1 normal, and 1 effect monster, but what was the other option?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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