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Majin Vegeta: Good Bye


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I opened this thread hoping to see something worth my eyes but instead I see this.

Too much text.

You have to stop setting layers to color dodge.

Opacity blending is bad and you should stop trying to make it work.

The borders are suckish and not needed.

Remember to read tuts that don't suck.

Oh and your lucky I'm in a good mood.

Usually I would have thrown in some unneeded comments about how this tag is as horrible as Chaotix's face or something.

So get better or I will come back a nasty, ebil kitteh.


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Alright Im going to make a new sig and heavily apply all the errors pointed out. I want a to use a border thats kinda like what you see when you watch a movie. I also want to know what is a good font that works well with almost any sig. Last thing, what GIMP brushes work good with a smooth and sharp render?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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