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[ECM]Red Rose of Seduction. A level 5 tuner?[ECM]


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[align=center] Comments on fixes and such are appreciated.



Effect: This card's Type is also treated as Plant-Type. Each time you activate a Spell Card, Special Summon 1 "Petal Token" (Plant-Type/EARTH/1 Star/ATK 0/ DEF 0) in Attack Position. This card gets these effects, based on the number of face-up Plant-Type monsters you control. -1+You can tribute 1 face-up Plant-Type monster you control to negate the activation a Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. -2+ You can raise or lower the Level of 1 face-up Plant-Type monster by the number of face-up Plant-Type monsters on the field. -3+ You can Tribute 1 face-up Plant-Type monster to add 1 Spell Card to your hand from your Deck. -4+ You can send all face-up Plant-Type monsters to the Graveyard to destroy all cards on the field. You can then add up to 5 cards to your hand from your opponent's Graveyard.

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Real interesting.... She cans educt me anytime...


*ahem hem, who said that?


Yea, its actually a good card, other than the last effect. maybe change it to destroy all cards on the field excet "Red Rose of eduction" because even 5 cards rom your own graveyard s overkill. But real nice use of tokens, other than the - should be *

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Making her Spellcaster and only being counted as a Plant-type while face-up = smart.

If you made her a Plant, this would be disturbingly broken. Lonefire and Miracle Fertilizer... ew. Anyway, good move there. Gives her a bit of support for Spellcasters, too. Magical Dimension can spring her down, and she can still use the Tokens without having to dedicate herself to a Plant Deck, since she doubles up as a Plant.


The effects for the tokens... um. Let me dissect.


1+, constant Pollinosis. Being able to activate a Spell then summon up a guaranteed Spell or Trap stopper. The Spellcaster side and the Plant side would love it. The Spellcaster side would eat up Spell Power Grasp, the Plant side would go for Miracle Fertilizer and some other cards. I don't like this being the first effect that's guaranteed since it's a Plant, obviously.


2+, the obvious combo is super obvious. Since the monster counts as a Plant, you pull out the Token, then use the 2+ effect to boost Red Rose to level 7, then enjoy your free Level 8 Synchro. There's very little other use outside of that for this effect, and I really think the 1+ could switch with the 2+, even though they still coincide with each other. Now I'm starting to think you should remove her effect of being treated as a Plant-type, since these first two effects allow really quick and easy dominance.


3+, that's VERY not cool. Get 3 plants, then go play a game of "Get an Activatable Spell Loop." You tribute 1 of the Plant tokens, assumedly dropping you back to 2 Plant-types, get the Spell from your Deck, activate it, get another Token, tribute it to get another Spell, activate it, get another Token, rinse and repeat. Seriously, that is just a LITTLE bit too abuseable. Adding a Plant-type monster MIGHT be an effective trade for grabbing a Spell, another alternative could be having to Tribute 2 Plant-type monsters to get a Spell, then you aren't guaranteed to have a ****ing broken loop, though Plants have numerous ways to swarm out the field anyways, having another Spell to get the loop kicking wouldn't be impossibly hard. I really dislike this effect because of how easy you can recycle it multiple times in one turn. >_>


4+, really? That is not necessary under any means. I don't even need to list all of the things you can do with 5 cards, no matter who the ****'s Graveyard they're coming from. Discard fodder for your new field-sweepers (after blowing up the whole field), there's way too much freedom with this effect. You're tributing 4 plants, and at least one of them (since the tokens get these effects) being a 0/0 that you couldn't care less about. In return, you blow up everything. This effect would only be used to wipe out a strong opposing field, since any smart person would just use the 3+ effect a couple times to pull out some Lightning Vortexes and Heavy Storms. Why bother wasting your own potential presence to wipe it all out. The ADDITIONAL benefit of getting 5 cards from your opponent, in return for laughing at them as you just wiped their field, is completely unnecessary.



The effects are way too broken, every one of them. The 2+ effect is the only one that sits on the border, and that's simply because Summoning a Level 8 Synchro in many cases needs only 2 cards. Every other effect is seriously crazy, and needs to be toned down.


It's a massive updraft of way-too-good effects. Then the opponent gets to do nothing but look at a chick in red while getting ruined over and over.


I very much dislike this card for all of the easily devastating things it can do. I honestly wasn't even paying attention to the fact that it was a Level 5 Tuner. >_>




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