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Yugioh RS(Rise to the Skies) Rise of the Necros


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Part 2 of Yugioh RS Tournament of the Oricalchos.


The good characters from the first part have decided to go to the duel spirit earth a place that both humans and duel spirits live in. But there is an evil growing called Exodius Necros a new duel spirit, who made the Oricalchos Necros. He has three lead generals.(I will pick them) One is the evil Oricon(lugia61617), the others are yet to be fufiled.






Species:(Human,Duel Spirit,Duel Human)





[spoiler=My Form(until someone takes it)]

Name: Exodius Necros

Gender: M

Species:(Human,Duel Spirit,Duel Human) Duel Human

Side:(Good,Necros) Necros Leader

Dueldisk:(Optional) Green and Black



All others from part 1 just PM me the dueldisk or it's color.

A duel Human is a human that is part duel spirit, or a duel spirit who can transform into a human.





Go to http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-105422-post-1846982.html#pid1846982 If you are a member of this RP to get your duelist for 2 points.

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"I draw," She closes her eyes and takes a card from the top of her deck, and she held up the card in front of her face and she opened her eyes and a smile creped across her face.


ooc: I just noticed something, you need a sacrifice to summon blaze warrior>.> but it's attack is a four star anyways...



"I'll summon this card in defense mood, then this card face down. End turn," she places the cards softly down on her duel disk and whispers something.


"Your turn," She says with little enthusicasm.

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Onyx had been keeping rather quiet, watching the duel between Max and Zack. Having been an ex-Oricalchos-Rider, she was now on board the ship. Her Dark Magician duel spirit - now back to normal - was standing beside her. She saw Grim and decided to go over to him. "I don't think we've properly met. I'm Onyx."

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