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Lazer Yoshi

Who Were the Starters of Metal?  

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  1. 1. Who Were the Starters of Metal?

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[align=center][i]What did you expect, a lobby? Nope. This, is where we do / discuss anything Rock n' Roll / Metal. Espeically Metal. Grunge and Ska is also appreciated.
Here, do anything. Make and show cards, discuss Videogames, Music(Only OUR Types though), TV, YCM Members, Other Clubs. Share funny Pictures, Videos, Quotes from YCM, Sayings, and Gifs. Even websites.
[spoiler=Examples of Possible Headbangers you can Be(You can also make your own up)]
Slow Headbanger
Okay Headbanger
Devil Horns Headbanger
Cobain Headbanger
Long-as-Subway Hair Headbanger
Medival Headbanger
Modern Headbanger
Dark Headbanger
Japanese Headbanger
90's Headbanger
Retro Headbanger
Crazy Headbanger
Jumpy Headbanger
Humorous Headbanger
Mosh Pit Headbanger
Headbanger Types are updated usually, you can change your type whenever you want. =D
[spoiler=Form(mine used as an example]
Username: Lazer Yoshi
Headbanger Role: 90's Headbanger
Favorite Band(from Metal, Rock, Grunge, and Ska): Local H / Anything from late 80's to very early 00's.
Favorite Metal Song(currently): [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E97HF0L5va8]Medusa - Anthrax[/url]
Why you Joined: Uh, Club Leader?
What's 1 + 1? - CHUCK NORRIS
Favorite kind of Dragon - Emerald Green Jungle Dragon
Favorite kind of Dog - All of them
[url=http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-53359.html]Organization XIII[/url]
[url=http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-109366.html]The Other Side - Club of Rock[/url]
[url=http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-134883.html]The Dragon Ball Club[/url]
Lazer Yoshi - 90's Headbanger
Death Bishop - Devil Horns Headbanger
Death Metal - Medieval Handbanger
Opalmoon / Raven - Long-As-Subway Hair Headbanger
Nitemare542 - Mosh Pit Headbanger
Outlaw2313 - Most Pit Headbanger
Star - Average Headbanger
Lyfe - Average Headbanger
Elexia / Peachess - Average Headbanger
Roxas - Dark Headbanger
Enrise - Medieval Headbanger
Amaterasu - Devil Horns Headbanger
The Wolf - Mosh Pit Headbanger
.:Spawn:. - Okay Headbanger
Prometheus - Crazy Headbanger
HarbingerEvil - Modern Headbanger
ŠcrEMO - Mosh Pit Headbanger
*.Willeh.* - Blow your effing Brains out METAL Headbanger
Xymma - Devil Horns Headbanger
BludMonkey - Devil Horns Headbanger
ironmanben - 80's Hair Band Headbanger
Lawliet / Kira Kills - NECK BREAKIN' HEADBANGER!
DemonX - Dark Headbanger
Hunter - Awesome Hair'd Headbanger
The kid with the face - Godly Headbanger(?)
Venom.// - Medieval Headbanger
Tiger - Dark Headbanger
Insert Name Here - NECKBREAKING Headbanger
Xazeon - 90's Headbanger
.Gandora. - Draconic Headbanger
The Tin Trooper - Long-as-Subway Hair / Cyborg Headbanger
Alucard - Metal Headbanger
Santa's Little Helper - Crazy Headbanger
Phantasmal Renevant - Medieval Headbanger
All Forum Rules apply.
If you're gonna discuss Music, make sure it's Rock / Metal and it's subtypes(Ska, Grunge, Funk, Nu, ETC). Unless, it's unpositive of Crap Music. =D
All members of the Club are to be treated equal.
And finally, BE A ROCKER!
Breaking a rule will cause in a Warning.
3 Warnings = 1 Neg.
5 Warnings = Another Neg and 1 Week Ban from Club.
10 Warnings = Another Neg and Permanent Ban. We will also let everyone know that you're a jerk. Hey, you're no longer a member. :P
From now on, if you do not give a certain Headbanger Type, I shall decide one from the poll.
[spoiler=Member Favorites]
[spoiler=Lazer Yoshi]
Local H
Alice in Chains
System of a Down
Foo Fighters
Metroid Metal
Henry Rollins
The White Stripes
Bob Marley
Alien Ant Farm
Fu Manchu
Queens of the Stone Age
Green Jelly
White Zombie / Rob Zombie
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Beatles
(not in any order. Subject to change / add / remove.)
[spoiler=King Diamond]
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
Rob Zombie
Kobold Asylum
King Diamond
System of a Down
System of a Down
Lamb of God
All That Remains
Drowning Pool
[spoiler=King Diamond]
All Songs From:
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
Rob Zombie
Kobold Asylum
King Diamond
[spoiler=Club Banners]
-Lazer Yoshi[/i][/align]
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[align=center][spoiler= Me.. :?:]Username: Death Bishop

Favorite Band(from Metal, Rock, Grunge, and Ska): Rock and partially 80's.

Favorite Metal Song(currently): Not a big fan of metal...

Type Of Headbanger: Devil Horns Headbanger.

Why you Joined: Because.. (is that good enough.. ;))

What's 1 + 1? - Window

Favorite kind of Dragon - Don't have one.

Favorite kind of Dog - German Shepard


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I'm here to make this club metal. =)


Username: Death Metal

Type: Medival Headbanger

Favorite Band: Morbid Angel

Favorite Metal Song: Enslaved - The Watcher

Why you Joined: Teh Lazahman said so.

What's 1 + 1? - Potatoes

Favorite kind of Dragon - Black Dragons

Favorite kind of Dog - Huskey/Labrador

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Username: Raven/Opalmoon

Favorite Band(from Metal, Rock, Grunge, and Ska): Elegeion, Vesperian Sorrow, Elis, After Forever, Mandragora Scream

Favorite Metal Song(currently): All the Seasons of Madness

Type Of Headbanger: Long-as-Subway Hair Headbanger

Why you Joined: Invitation

What's 1 + 1? - MUDKIPZ!!

Favorite kind of Dragon - don't have one

Favorite kind of Dog - don't have one


I also think this should become the official club smiley: 30kznsn.jpg.



EDIT: Since I'm here, vote please?=O http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-102649-post-1833573.html#pid1833573

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Username: Christian Exodia/*Rushing Diamond*

Favorite Band: Disturbed, AC/DC, Accept, Bowling For Soup, & Iron Maiden

Favorite Metal Song: Run To The Hills- Iron Maiden



What's 1 + 1-ME!

Favorite kind of Dragon: Dragon's disguised as humans

Favorite Kind Of Dog: PUPPIES!

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Username: Nitemare452

Favorite Band(from Metal, Rock, Grunge, and Ska): Lamb of God, Devildriver, Throwdown, Threat Signal,....do i really need to keep going?

Favorite Metal Song(currently): Remorse is for the Dead- Lamb of God

Why you Joined: I dont know

What's 1 + 1? - Monkeys

Favorite kind of Dragon - Black Dragon

Favorite kind of Dog - Lab

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Username: Outlaw2313

Type: Mosh Pit Headbanger

Favorite Band(from Metal, Rock, Grunge, and Ska): Lamb of God, He**Yeah, Slipknot, Disturbed and other stuff like that.

Favorite Metal Song(currently): Forsaken-By Disturbed

Why you Joined: seemed like a good idea

What's 1 + 1? the number of squirrels i have watching your house

Favorite kind of Dragon - a real one

Favorite kind of Dog - Bulldog

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Username: Star

Favorite Band: Course of Nature

Favorite Metal Song(currently): I don't like Metal. I only joined because you asked me to.

Why you Joined: See above.

What's 1 + 1? - The opposite of -1 + 2

Favorite kind of Dragon - Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Favorite kind of Dog - Alien Dog

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Okey dokey. You're added. ^_^

Thanks. ;)


'Kay guys. Both of you are added. ^_^

I like that smiley. =D

Okay' date=' first Topic:

Who do you think were the Starters of Metal?

My vote will always be Black Sabbath.


That simley rocks! :lol:


Anyway, why not make a poll on that question? ;) I agree with your answer.

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