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Very well, then.


Monsters: 17

3 Inaba White Rabbit

3 Nimble Musasabi

3 Izanami

2 Great Phantom Thief

2 Asura Priest

2 Giant Rat

1 Sangan


Spells: 14

3 D. D. Designator

3 Creature Swap

3 Mystic Box

3 Exchange

1 Heavy Storm


Traps: 8

3 The Legacy of Yata-Garasu

2 Royal Oppression

2 Robbin' Goblin

2 Mind Crush

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Trap Dustshoot


A work in progress, as you see.


Essentially, the aim is to spam the opponent with useless cards (at least for him) via Exchange (which opens the way for combos with Designator, Thief, and Mind Crush) and Creature Swap (Spirits frustrate the opponent's efforts at field presence).


A bit too ambitious in these tryin' times, but I refuse to take the bow. Not yet.

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Oppression seems like a good idea.


Two to come, then.

dust shoot can tell your opponents hand for a mind-crushin'


I know what Dustshoot does, Jurrasic. No need to lecture me on that, or on Crushshoot.


I refuse to main it here, however, because of Dustshoot activation requirement, plus the hand-hatin' arsenal I've got here.

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