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( 13 )

3 Thunder Dragon

3 Needle Worm

3 Morphing Jar #2

2 Giant Rat

1 Morphing Jar

1 Sangan


( 22 )

3 Hand Destruction

3 Book of Moon

3 Book of Taiyou

3 Book of Eclipse

3 The Shallow Grave

2 Dark World Dealings

1 Inferno Reckless Summon

1 Magical Stone Excavation

1 Card Destruction

1 Monster Reborn

1 Giant Trunade


( 5 )

3 Desert Sunlight

2 Limit Reverse


Sorry, did you even have a deck?

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Eh, it's not supposed to be an MJar2 loop, just standard deckout. I knocked this out as a draft this morning and I was thinking about Shallow Grave and Thunder Dragons throughout the day.. but -1s won't be too much of an issue providing I get MJar flipped enough times =D


Updates made.

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I don't think the inferno reckless summons are really helping considering there is no way to use them other than monster reborn (I'm not sure if they work with the shallow grave.).

Loop or not' date=' this definitely needs MJ#2.



They work with Limit Reverse, just a quick way to get out 3 Needle Worms at once before flipping them all down with eclipse. What do you suggest I take out for MJar#2?

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limit reverse is something i hadnt considered in mine. but i find spear cretin more effective' date=' less cards to get it face down.


i dont like magical stone, its too minus-y.



I forgot about spear cretin. I don't see any downsides to running it and it gives you a wall.


I kinda have to agree with the MSE thing, this deck can't afford excess hand loss.

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-magical stone excavation

+ dark world dealings


adds more draw to you and your opponent. Magical stone discard cost is to high.


The discard cost for MSE isn't a problem because I can make up for lost hand advantage by flip-flopping MJar. Besides, I'm only running the 1 copy. It can pick up Card Destruction at a crucial time to give me the win.

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I still don't like IRS in here with so few ways of using it.


And what are your thoughts on spear cretin?


I don't have means of testing right now but since everything here is dead cheap anyway I'll probably make it soon, I might drop the Limit Reverse/IRS thing altogether and try Cretin, but I'll see what works best.

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