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Dragon Contest


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Please, tell me if I make a mistake, because I'm new and I don't know the Contest Rules very much.


The idea is:


Make Dragon-Type monsters, but please, make Fusion or Ritual monsters(If you make a Fusion monster, post the Fusion Materials too, or if you post a Ritual Monster, post the Ritual Spell too)


I want the grammar to be correct!


You must say what you want to do(Fusion, Ritual or judge-I need some help-)


Post please!:):)





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read the contest rules at the start of this forum. you must put price and end date. you cant have points to give rep points( you must have 25 or more points). the idea is good but you must to do this good or nobody enter. sorry. good luck.


What he said!

Do that and I'll join!

Unless they are bad! (too high entry fee and too low prize money)

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O.K-Here they are: I'll end the contest on 24.04.2009.

1st:10 pts

2nd:5 pts

3rd:my congrats


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