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Psychic FTK/otk finally consistent

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20| Monsters


3| Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord (huge tech)

2| Destiny Hero - Malicious


3| Mind Master

3| Krebons

3| Psychic Jumper

3| Witch Doctor of Sparta

1| Plaugespreader Zombie

2| Summon Priest


21| Spells


2| Foolish Burial

3| Hand Destruction

1| Card Destruction

1| Reasoning

1| Monster Gate

1| Monster Reborn

1| Heavy Storm

1| Giant Trunade

3| Pot Of Avarice

3| Telekinetic Charging Cell

3| Telekinetic Power Wall

1| Emergency Teleport


15| extra Deck




do i need allures????

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MMM I guess it is like this.

Witch Doctor of Sparta on field.

use Mind master effect to special summon all your psychics. deal damage

summon exodius, re start summoning. deal damage.

can exchange used exodis for opponent psychics to feed mind master.

summon another Exodius re fill deck

re summon with mind master. deal damage. and so....

oh and all you need is a Summon prist to start. XD

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