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Should they make templates for D. Synchros and Tokens?  

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  1. 1. Should they make templates for D. Synchros and Tokens?

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Crab Helmet's not going to be happy about seeing this after he clearly stated (along with other members of YCM) that sense Dark Synchros are not real they will not be added. Further more its YCMaker's call so until he feels their needed there not going to be added. As for token, I really don't think we need them sense their just for the purpose of representing a token which can also be substituted for a coin or something.

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Because they are part of CARDS so yugiohCARDmaker could use them. Previousy they were reffered to as ANY ITEM' date=' but when they started to also be protrayed AS cards, its totally relevant.



lrn2play yugioh. Tokens are not cards.

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Ah, I knew I was forgetting something when I made the new sticky. Yeah, Tokens have come up a lot, and no, requesting them isn't going to make them appear anytime soon.


Tokens are fundamentally different from regular cards in several ways:


1) Their Limitation Text - and core purpose - forbids them from appearing in any Deck, Extra Deck, or Side Deck. Furthermore, their function causes them to appear out of nowhere, and to subsequently disappear into nowhere - they cannot be sent to the Graveyard, hand, deck, or Extra Deck, or be removed from play or flipped face-down. That's definitely not normal, but it's not so bad - on its own.


2) They cannot be found in packs like regular cards; instead, they have traditionally only appeared as promos. This has been averted to some extent with the new 5D's tins including certain Tokens, but that brings us to our next problem:


3) When they are printed, Tokens may have the picture of a specific monster on their picture, but that's the only distinctive thing about them. The title is always just "Token", and the card lore is always just "This card can be used as any token". That's all. No stats, unique text, or anything else distinctive aside from the picture to link the Token card in question to the card used to generate it. This fact leads to two problems:


3.1) A Token feature, if added to the Card Maker, would be horribly restrictive; in order to remain faithful to the actual Tokens that were printed, it would need to give users virtually no customization ability, since so many aspects of the card are either unchangeable (Title, Lore, Limitation) or non-existent (ATK, DEF, Type, Sub-Type, Attribute).


3.2) Since any Token can be used to represent any Token, the creation of Token cards to represent specific Tokens is completely unnecessary; any existing Token card will suffice anyhow. Which brings me to my next point:


4) The official game rules advise players to use objects like coins, dice, or any other common household objects that can be placed in two distinctive positions (Attack and Defense; face-down positions do not exist for Tokens) in place of Tokens; actual Token cards aren't even sanctioned by the game rules. This relates to the next problem:


5) Most real cards that generate Tokens do not even have specific Tokens printed that have images relating to those cards. A Token bearing the image of one of the Scapegoats on it certainly exists, but one depicting an Engine Token - generated, as you know, by the effect of Fiendish Engine Omega - does not exist. If even real-life cards don't need Tokens printed to go with them, your created cards certainly don't.


Demand for Tokens has been recognized already, and while YCMaker may choose to add them in the future, making new topics about it isn't going to change anything - and if a Token function is never added, it won't be hard to see why.

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