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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Tale Of The 6 Dark Signer [Introduction Chaptre Uploded + Poll]

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Which Pairing(s) do you Want to have In this Fanfiction?  

  1. 1. Which Pairing(s) do you Want to have In this Fanfiction?

    • D-Kana X Aki (FearShipping)
    • D-Kana X D-Carly (DeadShipping)
    • D-Kana X 18 Year Old Ruka (NightmareShipping)

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Well Finily i got Around to do this and i Hope i can Stick to it and Not Wonder off into Other Projects so please help me with sugestions, Ideas, Comments and ways of Inproving the Entire thing and Enjoy Kana's First (and Maybe Only) Offical Fanfiction (Exexpt Yugioh Ns >.>):

[spoiler=Introduction: Death And Dark Rebirth]"It happened so Fast . . . . I Can Only Rebmember My Death . . . And My Curse"


The Duel Acdaminy Arena was on Fire, Students be Evacuvated when a 16 Year Old with Brown, Spiky Hair with Overlaying Patch of Grey Hair shaped like Aster Phoenix Bangs but bigger so they Seem to be shaped

like a upper face mask that was Standing in the middle of a duel was de-activaiting his Duel Disk when a Amount of Steel Colplase's onto the Teenager, Knocking him Out as the Flames start cralwing Near him...


"Kana!" Screamed a Dark Pink Haired girl as she was draged out by another Student.


"Aki..." Kana wispered as he Tryed to Lift Himself Up.


Using his duel disk he lifts up a large bit of steel plating and Flips it over allowing him to get up. He Got up Nealy Stumbing from the Falling Rubble and Rushes to the Fire Exit.


he Grips the door Hand bars and trys to Open the door Until He Notices that the Door's Dead Lock had been Activaited, In his Desperation he got a Steel Rod from the floor. a Quick Burst of Strengh Emerges from him and colided the steel rod to the Dead Lock in Desperation, Hoping it will snap the Hydrolics and Open the door.


It Fails as the steel rod does not even make a Dent on the lock.


"God Dammit!" Kana Shouts in fury when he Notices the Flames crawling Faster to his Quicking Dying body.


The Flames Trickled like a sworm of locus towards the door leaveing Kana Traped near the door. he stumbled backwords into the door and starts trickling blood that drips onto the floor, the drip and drops echoing in his mind as the flames were as he knew is was about to die...


"Please i beg of the Hevens and the Hells of Creation, save me i will give my Mind, Body and Soul to Escape the Reaper!" Wispers inside the teenagers mind echoing with the blood driping in the background.




A overhead Iron Beam creaks as it loosens up from it Expanding because of the Flames Heat.


"N-Noooo, Dont let it End Like Thi..."




Kana did not have Time to finish he Cry, the Beam landed on his back and crushes his Rib Cage, Leting out the Fleshy organs which have Sised to work since of the Cracking noise, with his last of his life he Lifts his hand in Desperation to take a card from his Extra Deck Slot which was Soked with His own blood.


The Flames catched his coat tails of his Obelisk Blue Uniform and started to cook the Corpse Like a Sunday Roast in a oven.


Outside a giant storm had Gathered Above the Burning Building, And the Students were Rushing to the CruseLiner. Bolts of Lighting started to hit the roof which was near Coplasing Point which got more constant

until it seemed to create the Illusion that A Giant streem of light was coming down from The Sky. The ground was steady until a Strange Black Bolt Of Lighting Hit the inside of the Decaying Buring Building, It

Split the ground into 2 Causing a Giant Earthquake.


Inside when the Dark Bolt had just hit the ground a Dark Figure was Crouching on one leg had just Apeared from the Exact spot were it was Discharged. The Figure had Dark Black Robes with Purple trim and seemed to Resemble The Obelisk Blue Uniform while on the Chest Area and the Sholder pads there was a Nacza Baced Logo of a Demon of some sorts.


The Strange Figure arose from the Ground, sticking his Fingers into the Luke-Warm blood of Kana Zenafur and with the blood covered finger he Licks it like if it was licking a bit of Ice Cream But Slowly as he was Savering the Taste.


"Heh...Shame i did not just Jump for it..." The figure Spoke in a Sinster Verson of Kana's Voice.


The Hooded Figure lifted his Hood of his Strange Clothing, Revealing Kana without the Strange Bandage we Wears Other His Right Eye, Showing a Muterlated Eye with Bloodstains and the Cornea of the Eyes were Black as Black can be with the Iris turned A Light Blue from a Dark Blue. Suddnely he Got his Deck from his Corpse and Slot It Into A Dragon Shaped Duel Disk and Takes The card in Kana's Corpse. As he took the card from the body it glowed and Erupted into Black Flame and Tranforms from a Synchro Monster called "Holy Guardian - Light Flesh Dragoon" to a Dark Synchro Monster Named "Unholy Phantasm - Dark Flesh Dragoon".


"Now to See My True Powers..." he Grined.


He lifted is arms to shape like a cross as the Flames Turned to Blue and Cold winds Blasted the Arena, Pulling a card from his Deck it Drawed a New Card Called "Earthbound Immortal - Cenxemri". The cold wind Arose one more Spreading the Flames as they were Guiding them to form somthing, which they were. the Flames spreaded across the Entire island until they from the sky show A nazca Drawing of a Demon made

from Blue Flames.


The Students were Scared Stiff as they saw people Traped inside the Flames Coplase to the Ground and they Are Evapuated and by the Cold Winds they formed a Dark Purple Orb of Darkness above the Arena's

Ruins until they are Asorbed into the Earthbound card.


The Ground Below Cracked and Spited Lava as a Giant Demon Arose from the Arenas ruins with D-Kana Standing Infront of what was to be his Earthbound Inmortal coming to Life!


"Muhahhahaha! This Is for All the Times you Mortals Mocked me!" D-Kana


The Earthbound Immortal Arose its arms and formed a Giant Black ball and Smashed it into the Ground, causing the Island to Split into 2 Parts and the Shockwave foming a Tital Wave about 25 Meters High,

Drowning the Cruseliner and The People abord.


"I think thats Enouth Cenxemri..." D-Kana Spoke with his eyes closed as the Demon was Faded back Into the Card as with the card itself it is sloted back into D-Kana's Deck with him turning around and walking off

to the Secret Cove of the Island...


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