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Naruto Fans Wanted-Naruto Card Making Contest


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i hope i can make a contest im kinda new but... anyway all the cards i made where naruto and i thought all the naruto fans would appreciate an all naruto card making contest. So just post the the naruto cards sets that you finished and think are awesome. i know i got a lot of them but most are incomplete because i can't find pictures of jutsu's.-So anyway just post your finished sets but i will mostly be looking at these certain sets:





-curse seal demons



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No prizes. No end date


(optional) No basic rules such as no flamming' date=' spamming etc. No Grading rubric



^ This


and also, you can't give reps yet, you can't give enough points for a prize

so you can't give prizes


a contest without a prize = Fail.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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