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Is this card overpowered????????????????? PLEASE HELP ON OCG Do not Forhet to rate


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I'm thinking Continuous, and word it like this:


During each player's Draw Phase, that player may draw any number of cards from their deck at the cost of 1200 Life Points per card drawn. ( And if you want to balance it a bit more: ) A player cannot draw cards using this effect if they would have seven or more cards in their hand.


That ought to give Exodia a swift kick in his...forbidden-ness.

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The Life Point value of drawing a single card varies greatly depending on:


1. How many you can get at once


2. Whether or not your opponent can do it too


3. Whether or not you're running Exodia


And no, it really won't be overpowered, because your opponent can do the same thing unless you nuke your own card. But if you're really worried about it, you can say that the card is destroyed during your Standby Phase, meaning each player only gets to use it once.

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tis true, this card does pack a mighty punch. if you just spent a bunch of time increasing your life points, you can have a parade with this. :)


It is overpowered because of the ability to draw as many cards as possible, there is no limit to how many times this card's effect can be activated. it just relies on life points, and that may not be an issue at all times.


because of this, i would rate it a 6/10 for attempt. i rather dont like the name; it looks like you went to a thesaurus and found a synonym for greed. :D


good effort, but in the end it is too overpowered for a real card.



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Both players draw 1 card from their deck. Both players may draw additional cards for the cost of 1200 Life Points for each card.


That's close I think... Not 100% sure.

It's a bit overpowered. 6/10



And blubbergate, Raigeki is banned.

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