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Yu-Gi-Oh XZ The Series! *UPDATE* Episode 1-3


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Yu-Gi-Oh XZ

Episode One: Geo Evolution


It has been fifteen minutes since the school bell rang for summer vacation. Fifteen minutes had rang since school ended, fifteen minute has passed, but no one went home. The students were all in a big group, just waiting for the end of the school year battle.


On the right side, there is a teenage boy, age 16, just ending sophomore year. His name is Shane Aeglaeca, he had short blonde hair, but since he is always wearing his baseball hat. No one really sees him without his hat during public locations.


On the left side, there is another teenage boy, age 17, just ending junior year. His name is Travis Franco, he had long red hair and a scar on his neck. He is also known as the best duelist in the whole school and no one can defeat him.


=== One Year Ago ===


Shane fell to his knees, all defeated and in sadness that he lost the duel. He dropped his cards onto the ground of the parking lot. Some went under the cars and some just blew away from the wind. Shane has lost the duel, and Travis barley lost any. Travis still had 3200 life points left, not even close to losing.


“You freshmen’s are all the same. Thinking that you can defeat what you know cannot be defeated.” Travis glared as he walked away and headed towards his silver car.


“Travis…” Shane stumbled, “I’ll beat you one day. Just wait an see, one year from now, we shall have our rematch.” Shane shouted as he stood up from the ground.


“Very well then, you have yourself a deal.” Travis grinned, “Also, to make it most interesting. If you win, you can have my rarest card if you like.”


“Alright, and if I lose, you’ll get mine, right?” Shane asked.

“Wrong, Shane, if you lose. You can never duel ever again.” Travis laughed as he stepped into his silver car.


=== Present ===


Shane and Travis were shuffling each others deck, then they switched decks again to begin the duel. The duel field is taking place in the same location as it did one year ago today. It is taking place at the school’s parking lot. The stakes are still high, if Travis loses, then his rarest card is gone. If Shane loses, then he will not be able to duel again.


“You sure you don’t want to back down now?” Travis grinned.


“Not a chance, my deck gotten stronger since we last dueled.” Shane said as he placed his deck in his white and yellow duel disk.

“We shall see about that, just don’t go crying to mommy when you lose, and lose your dueling career forever.” Travis grinned as he placed his deck in his silver and gold duel disk.


“DUEL!” Shane and Travis shouted as they both drew five cards.


Travis: 4000

Shane: 4000


“I’ll be nice, and let you go first. After all, this is your last duel.” Travis grinned.


“You’ll regret that choice Travis!” Shane shouted as he drew his card. “I summon Geo Puppy in attack mode (500)!” Shane grinned as he placed one card face down and ended his turn.


“Please, you call that a move? I think your other deck was stronger then this runt.” Travis laughed.


“Laugh all you want Travis, but this little puppy has an effect worth waiting for.” Shane yelled back.


“We shall see, now, my draw!” Travis closes his eyes and summons a monster onto the field.


“Ok, I have to be prepare, I can’t lose focus now. Even though he doesn’t have ESP, he still can sense the cards he has in his hand. Depending on how old the cards are.” Shane said to himself.


“I summon, Venom Boa in attack mode (1600). I won’t activate it’s ability just yet, but, Venom Boa, attack Geo Puppy!” Travis laughed as he pointed at the monster.


“Not so fast Travis, I told you, my deck improved.” Shane said as Venom Boa would not declare an attack.


“What’s going on here? You haven’t activated a single trap or spell card to block my monster attack.” Travis growled as he looked at Shane.


“You see, Geo Puppy has a unique effect. As long as I have a face down card in my spell and trap card zone. Geo Puppy cannot be selected as an attack target.” Shane grinned as he looked around and seeing how some of the students were impressed by this move.


“You got lucky kid, I place one card face down and that’s it.” Travis glared at Shane.


“My draw!” Shane shouted, “I use the spell card, Geo Stone. Now this is how it works, if I have a Geo monster that has 1000 attack points or less, well that monster increases by a 1000 points.” Shane smiled.


“That still isn’t strong enough to defeat my Venom Boa.” Travis replied in a irritated tone.


“True, but that is where this little monster comes in. I summon Geo Pirate Elf in attack mode (1500).”


“Are you trying to lose on purpose Shane?” Travis asked.


“Your not letting me explain the effects Travis. Now, as I was about to say. Geo Pirate Elf increases his attack by 100 points for every Geo monster on the field, including himself. Making him a total of 1700 attack points! Now Geo Pirate Elf, attack Venom Boa!” Shane shouted.


“Activate trap card, Snake Whistle. Now since my snake was a reptile and was destroyed in battle, my trap card activates. I can search through my deck for a level 4 or lower reptile monster and special summon it to the field.” Travis laughed.


“Oh great, to think I was actually doing good.” Shane gulped.

“I summon another Venom Boa in attack mode (1600).” Travis grinned as Shane stopped his 2nd attack.


“I place one more card face down and then end my turn.” Shane said as he looked into at his deck, hoping that the next card he draws, can save him from defeat.


“My move, I summon to the field Venom Snake in attack mode (1200), now attack his Geo Pirate Elf.” Travis said as he saw his own monster be destroyed.


Travis: 4000 - 400 = 3600


“Why would Travis attack my monster with a weak card? Something isn’t right, I don’t remember him doing this on our last match.” Shane said to himself.


“ I then place one card face down, that will end my turn.” Travis said. “I just need to wait two more turns until I summon my most powerful reptile in my deck. When I summon this card, it gains 500 attack points for every reptile in my graveyard. This will end Shane, once and for all.” Travis grinned as he said to himself and as he also looked at his level 8 monster card.


“My draw, now I summon my Geo Blaze Knight in attack mode (1900)! Geo Blaze Knight, attack his Venom Boa!” Shane shouted. “Now, Geo Puppy and Geo Pirate Elf, attack his life points directly!”


“Activate trap card, Negate Attack. This trap card negates your attack, I guess my life points are still somewhat spared.” Travis grinned.


Travis: 3600 - 300 = 3300


“Why did he use that card now? What’s he planning?” Shane asked himself.


“Are you done with your move yet?” Travis asked.


“Yea, its your move Travis.” Shane replied, still trying to figure out his plan.


“My draw, I place one monster face down in defense mode, I then end my turn.” Travis said in a quick and easy kind of tone.


“Alright then, my draw. Since I can’t really do much too, I too place one face down monster in defense mode. Now Geo Blaze Knight, attack his face down defense monster!” Shane shouted, but when his monster attacked, it was Serpentine Princess (2000).


Shane: 4000 - 100 = 3900


“It’s your move Travis.” Shane said as he held no cards that would help him at the moment.


“My move.” Travis begins to laugh, “I use the spell card, Chosen Death. Now this lets me see the top three cards of your deck. Then I get to choose one card from the three and then send it to the grave yard. Now show me your top three cards.” Travis grinned.


“Alright, here you go.” Shane said as he gave the top three cards to Travis.


“Well this is a no brainier. I send your Geo Ruakk Dragon to the graveyard.” Travis smiled.


“Oh no, that was my best card.” Shane said as he glared into Travis’s eyes.


“Here’s the other trick to this effect, the other two cards, go to the bottom of your deck.” Travis laughed.


“Just make your move already!” Shane shouted.


“Glad you asked, I summon Venom Serpent in attack mode (1000). Then I use the spell card, Double summon, now this allows me to summon another monster to the field. So I tribute my two Venom monsters in order to summon my most powerful monster in my deck. I summon, Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes in attack mode (0)!” Travis grinned.


“Dude, it doesn’t even have a single attack point.” Shane said.


“You don’t remember this card Shane? This is the card that defeated you!” Travis laughed as his monster then became 2500 attack points.

“Oh no, now I remember!” Shane said in shock.


“Now my monster, attack his Geo Pirate Elf!” Travis laughed.


“Activate trap card, Geo Protector!” Shane grinned, “You see, now not only does this block your attack, but it also changes your monster into defense mode.” Shane grinned.


“No, but that means my monster has 0 defense and is wide opened as an attack target!” Travis yelled out loud. “No, and I have nothing to stop his next move.” Travis was shocked as he thought to himself.


“My move! I now summon, Striker Dawn Geo in attack mode (1800)! You haven’t seen nothing yet Travis. Remember that card you sent to the graveyard?” Shane grinned.


“Yea, what about it?” Travis glared.


“Well, your going to find out. I activate Geo Helper special effect. By only paying 500 life points, I will be able to tribute Geo Helper, to special summon one Geo monster from my graveyard. I choose my one and only, Geo Ruakk Dragon in attack mode (2500)!” Shane yelled as his mighty dragon came onto the field.


“No, this can’t be happening to me!” Travis yelled in shock.


“Now my dragon increases his attack points by 200 for ever other Geo monster on the field. Since I have 3, it increases by 600 points, (3100). First off, Geo Puppy, attack his King Snake dude! Then Ruakk and Striker, finish him off!” Shane laughed.


“No! I can’t, it isn’t possible! I lost!” Travis yelled as his life points went to zero and Shane had 3400 life points left.


“It’s game over Travis, it seems that I won the duel. So I can keep dueling, oh and by the way. Since I know your most powerful card, I sorda don’t want it because I only have one reptile. So go ahead and keep the card, and when your ready. You can have a rematch any time, I’ll love to kick your butt again.” Shane smiled as he walked away from Travis.


Card of the Day:


Yu-Go-Oh XZ

Episode 2 - Friendly Hurricane


Travis was looking through his deck, trying to figure out how he lost. He keeps seeing his flashbacks of the battle he lose yesterday afternoon. Travis heard someone knocking at the door, so he placed his deck in a silver box and locked it. He then stood up, grabbed his silver jacket and placed the key in the left pocket. Travis opened the door, and saw a man wearing a blue muscle shirt and dark blue jeans.


"State your name." Travis commanded.


"Well, I was going to introduce myself Travis Franco." The man grinned as he placed a watch on his right wrist.


"Who are you and what do you want from me?" Travis glared at the man.


"I hear that you were once the most powerful duelist at your school. Then yesterday, a boy named Shane has defeated you, did he not?" The man grinned.


"What is so important to this for you?" Travis asked as he looked like he wanted just to slam the door on this guy.


"Give me about two days to find someone to defeat him for you." The man grinned.


"I can defeat him myself. I am not some loser sending out minions to do my bitting." Travis shouted as he tried to close the door on the man but the man stopped the door before it shut.


"Trust me boy, this is for a good cause for you. If you hear what I have to say, and if my plan goes according to plan. Then the crowd will shout your name once again." The man said as he took out a strange pen with a planet at the tip of it.


"I'm listening." Travis said as he opened the door more wider.


"Give me about two days, and I shall find someone strong enough to defeat this Shane for you. Once this duelist defeats Shane, everyone will forget that you and Shane even fought. The only thing they will rememebr is that you won the duel and Shane moved." The man grinned as he now also took out paper from his back pocket.


"So your going to make him move after you defeated Shane? How is this going to work? How are you going to make everyone forget that he won the duel and replace there memories of me winning the duel? Besides, how are you even going make him move?" Travis shouted.


"For a straight A student, you sure ask a lot of questions. Though I have one answer to answer all your questions. Tell me Travis, have you ever heard of the Shadow Games?" The man asked him as one of his eyes went yellow then went back to his normal black eye.


"Sounds like some kind of hocus pocus crap to me." Travis laughed.


"In the past, there have been many shadow duels, they all began in Egypt. Then 5000 years later, a nameless pharaoh and his friends defeated the shadows. Still, some Shadow Games are still played in duels. You see the winner gets to walk out free, but the loser can never leave, the loser surrender his or her soul to the Shadow Realm." The man laughed.


"Ok, enough with this hocus pocus crap. I don't care what you do to Shane, just leave my house now!" Travis shouted.


"Very well, I will not disappoint you Travis." The man laughed, and after Travis closed the door. The man signed Travis’s name on the paper then slowly turned into black smoke and flew into the sky and vanished.


Shane's Backyard


Shane and his two best friends Aaron and Erika. Aaron, he is 16, same grade as Shane, and Erika is also 16 and also in the same grade. Aaron always wears his dark red sweater, and has a black cross in the back of his sweater, Aaron also wears black jeans and has long brown hair. Erika, she has long blonde hair, wears a white button shirt and light blue jeans.


"So ready for this Aaron?" Shane smiled as he shuffled his deck.


"Oh yea, you bet I am. I been wanting to duel your new deck for some time now. So prepare to lose!" Aaron grinned as he finished shuffling his deck and then placed it in his white and gray duel disk.


"DUEL!" Shane and Aaron both shouted.


Shane: 4000

Aaron: 4000


"I'll go first!" Shane said as he drew his card. "Ok, I summon Geo Puppy in attack mode (500). I then place one card face down and end my turn." Shane grinned as Aaron drew his first card.


"Your tricks won't work on me buddy. I know your plan, using your little puppy there so I won't select it as an attack target." Aaron laughed.


"So you been studying my duel yesterday have you now?" Shane grinned.


"Yea, and this time your puppy will be destroyed. I use the spell card, Mystical Space Tycoon. Now this allows me to destroy one spell or trap card on the field and I choose your face down card." Aaron smiled as Shane's face down card was destroyed. "I now summon my Cloudian - Altus in attack mode (1300). Here's the best part of this card, it cannot be destroyed by battle. Now since you have no face down spell or trap cards, I can attack your Geo Puppy, and that is what I am going to do!" Aaron shouted as his monster destroyed Geo Puppy.


Shane: 4000 - 800 = 3200


"Lucky shot Aaron." Shane said as he saw his life points go down to 3200.


"I then place one card face down on the field and I then call that a turn. It's your move dude." Aaron grinned.


"Alright, my draw." Shane shouted as he looked at his card. "Alright, it looks like I got something good.”


“What are you talking about Shane?” Aaron questioned.


“Well first off, I summon Geo Dragon Baby in attack mode (1000).” Shane grinned as he activated a spell card. “I hope you been doing some hard research to defeat this spell card. This is the same card I used on Travis yesterday. I activate the spell card Geo Stone, now I equipped it only to a monster with 1000 attack points or less. Once I chose my monster, Geo Dragon Baby, it increases it’s attack by 1000 (2000)!”


“You got yourself figured out don’t ya? Well Shane, even if you do attack, my monster cannot be destroyed!” Aaron shouted.


“I know, but you still lose life points. Now, Geo Dragon Baby, attack his Cloudian - Altus!” Shane yelled out, and the Dragon caused some lifepoint damage.


Aaron: 4000 - 700 = 3300


“It look’s like we’re about even my friend.” Shane grinned as he ended his turn.


“Yea, but this still doesn’t mean you won this duel.” Aaron replied as he drew his card, “Well my friend, I’m afraid your little victory will be postponed.”


“What do you mean, postponed?” Shane asked in a confused tone.


“I am about to end this duel. Listen Shane, I will admit, you did improve on your deck. But you still cannot defeat my Cloudian Deck!” Aaron laughed as he activated a trap card, “First off, I use my trap card, Rain Storm. Now by decreasing my Cloudian - Altus attack points by 1000 (300). I can destroy your spell card.” Aaron grinned as Geo Stone was destroyed.


“Oh no, my monster is back to 1000 attack points.” Shane said surprisingly .


“I’m not done either, I then tribute my Altus to summon Cloudian - Nimbusman in attack mode (1000). Now, since Altus was a water type. My Nimbusman gains 500 attack boost due to his special ability (1500). Now, attack his Geo Dragon Baby!” Aaron shouted.


“You won’t get away with this you know!” Shane shouted as he lost some more points.


Shane: 3200 - 500 = 2700


“My turn isn’t done yet. I now use the spell card, Card Destruction! Now you must dump your hand to the graveyard then draw the same number of cards you had in your hand.” Aaron said as they both discard there hand and draw a new hand.


“My draw now!” Shane began, “You more helped me then ruined me.”


“What are you talking about?” Aaron was confused.


“I special summon a trusty friend, Scruffy Geo (800)! If he was discarded to the graveyard from the deck or hand due to an effect of the card. He comes back with a 700 attack bonus (1500). I then summon my other trusty friend, Geo Helper. Now by paying 500 of my life points, I can tribute this card to summon one Geo monster from my graveyard. So I summon, Geo Ruakk Dragon (2400)! Now his attack points are now 2600 since he increases his attack power for every other Geo monster on the field.” Shane laughed.


“Oh great, any more tricks you have for me Shane?” Aaron said as he kept shaking his hand.


“Actually, yes I do. I activate the field spell card, Geo Spellzone! Now this also increases all Geo monsters by 200 points. So Scruffy Geo is 1700 attack and Geo Ruakk Dragon is 2800 attack points. Now my monster, do some damage!” Shane shouted as his two monsters attacked.


Aaron: 3300 - 1500 = 1800


“Lucky shot…” Aaron said as he drew his card. “There isn’t really much I can do. All I have are monster cards, and if I place my monsters in defense mode. They are automatically destroyed. I guess…. I guess Shane wins again.” Aaron says to himself as he then gives thumbs up to Shane its his turn.


“Alright, my draw. Let’s finish this! Geo Ruakk Dragon and Scruffy Geo! Attack!” Shane shouted as Aaron lifepoints went down to zero.


“That was an awesome match you guys!” Erika smiled as she walked towards Shane and Aaron.


“You did good Shane for your second day with your new deck.” Aaron smiled.


“Yea, soon, with this deck. I’ll be one of the greatest duelists. Who knows, I might just be able to defeat Yugi, haha!” Shane laughed like he was all that.


“Now, now Shane. Don’t get too carried away, you have a way to go to be even in the league to face Yugi. He can beat you in like three turns, plus you don’t want him summoning any Egyptian Gods on you, do ya?” Aaron said.


“Nah, not really, that would suck. Though, it would be really cool to face Slifer the Sky Dragon. He’s my favorite of all three.” Shane replied.


“Still, soon you will be a great duelist. Though, if we ever end up in some kind of tournament. I will make sure my deck counters all your moves and I will defeat you.” Aaron grinned.


“Sounds like a rematch. Your on, once you think you got a stronger deck then me.” Shane said as he shook hands with Aaron.


“Your on!” Aaron replied.


The trio all started to head home, but far in the woods. There lies someone, this someone was watching the entire duel. This person was wearing a black robe and on the chest, it has a pin of a planet. The mysterious person takes out there cell phone.


“Boss, I have located the boy named Shane Aeglaeca, I have studied his deck.” The voice said.


“Excellent, once I find the right hunter, Shane will soon lose to the Shadows.” The man grinned as he hung up the phone, the same man who talked to Travis earlier in the day.


Card of the Day:



Yu-Gi-Oh XZ

Episode Three: Erika’s Magic


“I win again.” Shane said as he saw his opponent lifepoints go down to zero.


“Oh man, I worked all night on this deck.” The boy said as he started to run way.


“Man, Shane is sure on the role, isn’t he Erika?” Aaron said as he walked towards her.


“Yea, this is his 12th match, and he won all of them.” Erika said as she stood up from sitting on the bench.


“Dang, and are all of them, they were dueled in this park?” Aaron asked.


“Correct, but you see Aaron, I have upgraded my deck too.” Erika said in a low voice that only Aaron would hear.


“Your not really going to duel him now are you? Like come on, we need to figure out his weakness of his deck. We can’t just assume that we can beat him. Trust me, I should know.” Aaron replied.


“But you just got here Aaron, you weren’t watching all his duels. I pretty much seen his entire deck. So I know what’s coming.” Erika said as she took out her deck.


“Ok, but if you lose, I warned ya.” Aaron replied as he is now slouching on the bench.


“Shane, it is time for you and I to have a duel.” Erika said as he took out her silver and purple duel disk then placing her deck in it.


“Alright, about time. I was wondering when you will be brave enough to duel me.” Shane joked as he got out his duel disk and placed his deck in it.


“What you don’t realize is that I been studying your deck, Shane. So let’s duel.” Erika said as she drew her five cards.


“DUEL!” They both shouted.


Shane: 4000

Erika: 4000


“Since you been winning, I’ll let you make the first move.” Erika said as she grinned when she looked at her cards.


“Alrighty then, my draw. I summon my Striker Dawn Geo in attack mode (1800). Now since I can’t attack on my first turn, my Striker Dawn Geo effect won’t really bother me. So now, inflict 800 points of damage to Erika’s life points!” Shane yelled as Erika lost lifepoints.


Erika: 4000 - 800 = 3200


“I then place 3 cards face down, and then I end my turn.” Shane grinned.


“My draw.” Erika shouted as she drew her card. “Ok, now one of those cards he will be saving for his Geo puppy he always uses. Then the other two cards he won’t save are trap cards, ways to negate my attack or quick play spell card.” Erika said to herself, then she grinned.


“Huh? What’s this?” Aaron asked himself as Erika looked determined.


“I first use Heavy Storm, this destroys all spell and trap cards on the field. I then use the spell card, Offerings to the Doomed, now I can destroy one monster on the field but this also makes me skip my next normal draw.” Erika said as Shane’s monster was destroyed.


“Interesting, it seems for the first time I seen Shane defenseless with his new deck. Is it possible that Erika can defeat him?” Aaron asked himself as he stood up then crossed his arms and continued to watch the duel.


“I then summon Magician’s Valkyria onto the field. I then use the spell card, Pot of Greed, this allows me to draw two cards. I then use the card, Ookazoki, this inflicts 800 points of damage to your life points.” Erika grinned.


Shane: 4000 - 800 = 3200


“Once it’s my move, your going to pay for that!” Shane said as pointed at Erika.


“Oh I doubt that, Shane, you have lost the duel.” Erika shouted.


“What! What is she talking about? They both have 3200 life points, even if Erika does attack, Shane will still have 1600 lifepoints left.” Aaron said to himself trying to figure out what is going on.


“I then use my last four cards, first I use the card, double summon, this allows me to summon an extra monster. Before I summon my next monster, I use the spell card, Cost Dow, by discarding one card from my hand, I will be able to reduce the level of one monster. Now, my last monster, Dark Magician Girl, in attack mode! (2000)” Erika shouted as her monster went onto the field.


“Wait a minute, you can’t, um, crap.” Shane stumbled.


“Now, Magician’s Valkyria and Dark Magician Girl, attack Shane’s lifepoints directly!” Erika shouted.


Shane: 3200 - 3600 = 0


“I can’t believe it. Erika won on her first turn, talk about luck of the draw.” Aaron said to himself as he went towards Erika and Shane.


“I told you I’ll beat you.” Erika giggled.


“Man, and you did beat me. Man, all in one turn too. Wonder how you got those cards in one move, well that’s my challenge of the week.” Shane smiled.


“What is that Shane?” Aaron asked.


“I need to make my deck even stronger so I can beat you, Erika.” Shane gave a thumbs up.


“Your on, let’s just hope you don’t stick with the same moves. If you do, then I’ll beat you easily.” Erika replied.


“Don’t worry, I’ll have so many strategies when we duel, you won’t know what will hit ya!” Shane joked.


“We shall see.” Erika smiled.


The gang all left the park and headed to there homes. While another dark cloaked figure came jumping off the tree, and having a planet symbol on it’s cloak.


“I have studied all three of the duelists that you asked for boss.” The voice said through the cell phone.


“Excellent, I have also found our hunter that will defeat these three, or at least Shane. Then once we’re done with Shane and his friends, we can return to Travis. After all, he made a deal without even knowing he made a death deal.” The man laughed as he looked at the paper where he signed Travis’s name.


“Do you know where the location of the battle will be?” The voice said.


“Yes, it shall be during the daylight, after all, the sun gives him power. Then once we’re done with them, we shall deal with Travis and send his soul to the Shadows.” The man laughed as he hung up the phone. “Soon my creature will be alive once again, the creature that was so powerful that it nearly destroyed the whole universe. Now, my creature will be reborn under a new ruler.” The man laughed evilly to himself as he looked around the room seeing his eight most powerful hunters.

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break up the paragraphs by putting a space between them. it will make it easier to read and more people will read it. you could also do with more description. but the story isn't bad. i hope to see more of this.


Alright, thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind as I write my next episode. :D

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