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Another Pokemon Fanfic - but not as you know it....


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Yes, I have decided to revolutionize Pokemon Fan-Fic.

As most of you know, pokemon always tends to be about a childish teen that collects monsters, gets a crush on a female trainer the same age as him, beats the baddies and it's over.


This perhaps scrapes a PG-13 rating, but it's more like a 15. Sort of Skins crossed with pokemon. Without the Drugs. With the Inneuendo and Sex. No more little crushes, this is Hardcore stuff. The kind of stuff TwIsTeD likes:lol:! LOL ROFL. This is moderate to strong sex references, with some inneundo and moderate language thrown in for good measure.

Here I go!



Introduction - Looking Back

"Aaaahhhhh, s*it that's a relief", said Matt.

"What?" replied Sylvia. Her voice was concerned, with an air of cheeky in it. The very thing that drew Matt to Sylvia in the first place. He thought he should have yet another go.

"I think i'm in mood", he said, attempting to turn on his pitiful charm.

"Hush now, perv, i'm trying to get some sleep!" said Sylvia, mildy annoyed. Matt knew she was bothered about the whole thing, maybe he should give her some space, tone his advances down. Maybe having kids wasn't such a good idea now, anyway.

"Then use a sleeping pill, moron!" retorted Matt, feeling peeved and frustrated. She was still awake, maybe he should say something again.

"Come on babes, let's misbehave!"

"I don't feel like it, i'm upset about Gardevoir", she replied.

"Never mind, she's just a bit injured, she'll be better soon".

"She had a kitchen knife thrown a her by a p*ssed old man, that's not exactly a MINOR injury".

"Oh come on, Nurse Joy said she'd be fine".

"Don't talk about Nurse Joy, I don't want to end up like her in 15 years".

"Oh come on, let's just go to sleep now, if sex can't make you happy I don't know what will".

"Listen, we'll try for kids again soon, but not know".

"Ohhhh God", said Matt, sighing. She always said that.

"Come on we won't be young forever, love".

"Say another word, and i'll get the Immobilon out" snapped Sylvia.

"That's against the law, that's a tranquillizer designed to knock out Donphans and Elephants, it could kill a human".

Sylvia pulled a spray bottle out of her hospital coat pocket and sprayed it in Matt's face.


"It's not pepper spray, you twit. It's Immobilon!"

"S*it" said Matt. "When does it take effect?"

"Well, Immobilon is made out of synthesised Carbolic Acid molecules, and...Matt? What are you doing?"

"ERK!" screeched Matt, as he collapsed onto his pillow, fast asleep.

"Oh God", said Sylvia. "At least there's some peace and quiet now".

Matt began to dream. A long dream about his young life.


Chapter 1 coming soon!!

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