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Abstract Smiley Face =)


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Don't ask me how I did it (I have the .psd). Don't ask me why. All I know is that it took about 10 minutes and half a bottle of whiskey. I created something horrible. Something disgusting. Something that doesn't take any talent at all. Here it is:





It was meant to be a C4D.

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For it to be a C4D it must be made in C4D >.>


"Not necessarily ^^. It could also be made with photoshop but that's way different than this ;).

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You can make a fractal alright' date=' just not a C4D.



I was following a tut to convert tags to C4Ds but with just the right amount of fail, I made this.

It looked good till you over-sharpened the sides.

Those little places where I assume you softbrushed look terribad.


Not to bad.


Thanks. ^^


Cool' date=' cool.

Abstract [b']was?[/b] always cool. ^_^

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