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Nightmarian VS Lelouch_Vi_Britannia


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I was challenged, so here it is...we need to make any card..


Rules for voters:


1) You need to vote following template or your vote will not count.

2) 3 voters total that will give best voting explanations and follow template obviously will get 1 REP each.



Template :


Picture /5

OCG /5

Balance /10

Creativity /10

Total /30


Person with bigger total ( which is picture+ocg+balance+creativity together) will get 1 vote. Maximum 1 vote can be get from 1 voter.



Rewards :


-loser will give 3 REPs to winner and loser will get 1 REP





-names of creators will not be known until end so u need to vote for card A or card B....













CREDIT : Eniotna



Good luck!!!

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Card B gets my vote.


[spoiler=Card A]

5 / 5 ; I can't really say anything about this picture it's not a bad one and it goes with the Name. So I'll give you a perfect score on it.


2 / 5 ; I give this card this low of a score because I saw 3 OCG errors. One of which was very minor. In the "Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game" when putting an effect, you MUST put "his/her". In your effect it says, "2 cards in his deck". Making it a -1. In the same sentence, you forgot to put the word "the". Your sentence says, deck that have ____ same type. The blank space is where the word "the" should be placed. Right after that comes another missing "the". It says, "same Type as ___ Type. Once more, the blank spot is where the word "the" should be.


9 / 10 ; All and all, the effect seems pretty balanced.


0 / 10 ; I'm sorry to say this, but if you ask me.. ALL REAPER CARDS ARE UNCREATIVE! That's only my personal opinion because everyone tries making Reaper cards. So in MY opinion only, this gets a 0.


After analysis, card A get's a 16 / 30!




[spoiler=Card B]

5 / 5 ; I see nothing wrong with this picture either. It is obviously Kirby. O.o


4 / 5 ; I can't really explain why, this card just seems worded funny. OCG is correct, just the wording of it needs worked on.


7 / 10 ; The card seems a little Over Powered. But that is basically because you can absorb 2 monsters on the field. There is no limit to it. If the Kirby card is used for summoning the other Kirby's, then the card should use the card it absorbs attribute to special summon the attribute of the Kirby you wish to summon.


7 / 10 ; This is actually the first Kirby card I have seen. So I have to give you credit.


Card B's score is 23 / 30!



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Deck Reaper

Picture 5/5 - Awesome. D: Spirit Reaper~

OCG 4/5 - It's missing a 'the' o-o "have 'the' same Type"

Balance 7/10 - Well it's pretty straight forward in what it does... though 2 cards... this and zombie mill would kill opponents almost instantly :o

Creativity 7/10 - It's why Vampire Lord and Genesis are high levels. but since this guy has less attack... it's good.

Total 23/30



Picture 4/5 - A better pic would work xD but it's good though

OCG 4/5 - could be better worded.

Balance 9/10 - till i see the 'forms' i guess the card itself is 'good'. Although, it's a bit underpowered for a standalone card....

Creativity 5/10 - Yeah well, Kirby is trade-marked already... sadly... but tuning him into Yugioh is kinda neat.

Overall 22/30


so it's Deck Reaper for points. although it's 'quite' broke....

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Card A:

5/5 I think it is a very good picture...one of the best pictures of a grim reaper for a while.


3/5 good ocg just a couple of errors.


10/10 The effect is very well balanced...i personally think.


8/10 good creativity with the different picture of the grim reaper......the best picture of the grim reaper i have seen.



27/30 for an overall excellent




Card B:


4/5 a good picture but i personally think it looks a bit like a toon.


5/5 very good ocg i reckon...not really much more to say.


8/10 a well balanced effect. But how can you equip a monster card to a monster card?


10/10 very good creativity, i have never seen a Kirby before.


25/30 for a great overall




SO:Card A gets my vote

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Card A (winner)

Picture 5/5

OCG 2/5 (I'm not gonna type them all out right now.)

Balance 10/10

Creativity 8/10

Total 25/30


Picture 2.5/5

OCG 5/5

Balance 8/10

Creativity 9/10

Total 24.5/30


(This actually came up tied, so I took half a point for Kirby's picture since I didn't really like it.)


By the way, it's obvious whose card is whose. >_>

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