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Rate My Deck! -Qrat


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I recently bought some Booster packs and put together a deck.


Monster Cards

2 Allure of Darkness

3 Bottomless Trap Hole

3 Caius the Shadow Monarch

1 Creature Swap

2 D.D. Assailant

1 Destiny Hero - Doom Lord

2 Destiny Hero - Malicious

3 Destiny Hero - Plasma

1 Elemental Hero Stratos

1 Enemy Controller

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Mystic Tomato

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Raiza the Storm Monarch

1 Shrink

Magic Cards

3 7

2 Destiny Draw

2 Foolish Burial

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn

Trap Cards

3 Karma Cut

1 Mirror Force


Rate, hate and comment.

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I have to say this to get it out of my system: power is not a theme, or even a subtype. If you want a powerful deck, consider using cards that work together and are playable (Lightsworns, Monarchs, Gladiator Beasts...). If you build a deck that just has random beatdown/effect negation/removal cards, you are bound to get stomped by your opponent because you do not have a theme. So, instead of drawing the cards you need for a specific game winning combo, you would draw cards that are parts of different combos, therefore having a useless hand and losing in the first few turns. Please keep this in mind when building your next deck, or trying to improve an existing one.

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