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It's-a me, MARIO!!!


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"Luigi", "Bowser" and "Waluigi" need backgrounds

"Plumber" and "koopa" aren't real types

"Mario"s ATK is overpowered for a Level 6. Try stats around 2000-2400

"Luigi" and "Waluigi" are overpowered for their levels, and "Wario" is more like a Level 4

They would be useful and more original if they were Effect monsters

The Field effects have wrong OCG.

Fixed: "Mario Circuit"

"Increase the ATK of all monsters with "Mario" in their names by 400 points."

What's a Wild Wing?

Anyway, here's the fixed OCG for it. The effect is overpowered, so I made a change to it:

"This card can only be equipped to a monster with "Mario" in its name. Decrease the equipped monster's ATK by 500 points, and the equipped monster can attack twice during your Battle Phase"

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