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Sonic X-2 : Pokemon in the comic


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You shouldn't have posted these, about 8/10 of them are vanilla's and Shaymin's effects need OCG fixing

The images are poorly rendered and need backgrounds.

Almost every single card is OPed with randomly typed numbers as ATK and DEF.

I'm sorry, but be more creative next time

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All of the cards "Except the Deoxys "Normal" and "Attack" cards, need decent backgrounds

All of the monsters being normal is bland. At least give most of them effects, in order for them to be useful and original.

Do not use Pokemon types, since they are fake. Replace them with these:

Grass= Plant

Dark= Fiend

Electric= Thunder

Fighting= Warrior (or Beast-Warrior)


Almost all of them are overpowered. I suggest making the stats be between the following:

For Level 4s: 1400-1900

For Level 5s: 1900-2400

For Level 8+: 2500-3000


Shaymin Sky Forme's stats are overpowered and unbalanced (why are there 2s for the last digits?) And if it's a Ritual monster, then it needs a Ritual card to Ritual Summon it


Bad OCG and grammar errors for the Shaymin cards

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The picture has no relation to the actual Ritual, and it has no background. It's just a big name.


And the OCG is off. The proper Ritual effect should be:

"This card is used to Ritual Summon "Shaymin: Sky Forme". You must also offer monsters whose total Level equals 11 or more as a Tribute from the field or your hand."


And the actual Ritual Monster should have included into its effect too.

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