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new fusions : Dialkia and dialgamus prime


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Dialga and Palkia need effects, and are overpowered. Really, a 2-tribute monster with enough ATK to take out more than half of your opponent's Life Points?

Most of the pictures need backgrounds

A monster cannot have 3 types "especially 2 that don't exist", unless 1 is a SubType, like "Spirit"

Dimensional Rift Fixed effect:

"This card can only be activated if you Tribute 1 "Dialga" and 1 "Palkia" in either your side of the field or your hand. Special Summon 1 "Dialkia" to the field. This is treated as a Fusion Summon."


Fusion cards do not have descriptions in their effects. They should have the names of the Fusion-Material Monsters needed to Summon it. Such as:

"Dialga" + "Palkia"

"This card can only be Summoned by Fusion Summon."


When explaining effects, like on "Optimus Prime", do NOT do "Effect 1" and "Effect 2". Just do:

"This card cannot be Special Summoned. If this card battles a monster with "Autobot" in its name, destroy it, and Special Summon it to your side of the field. This effect can only be activated once per Duel."

And the card is overpowered


Dialgus Prime:

See my last comments

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