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Gummi Bears:

Picture needs a background, and it's too pixellated

"Bear" is a fake type. Change it to "Beast"

Stats are ridiulous. I would make them "ATK/200 DEF/300" for more solid stats

Bad OCG:

"While this face-up card is on the field, if you activate "Gummi Bar", increase this monster's ATK by 1000 points."


Gummi Bar:

Picture too blurry

Bad OCG:

"Destroy all face-up Trap Cards on your opponent's side of the field."

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These are terrible...

The attack and defense of "Gummi Bears" are 123 and 321... It shows no creativity at all.

The images are blurry

"Gummi" Should be spelt as Gummy and "Bar" as Bear

Do not use a fake card type, instead use the type Beast or whatever seems appropriate

OCG on "Gummi Bears" should read:

"Increase the ATK of this card by 1000 for each "Gummi Bar" on your field."


Gummi Bar should read:

"Destroy all face-up Trap Cards on your opponent's field."


Gummi Bears effect is pointless, if Gummi Bar is a trap it will get sent to the graveyard after it is played rendering the effect unusable.


You managed to capitalise names though, take into consideration what I stated above and use it to improve 5/10

In my opinion change Gummi Bar into a continuous card and change it's effect into something lasting

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