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Miyu Sensei

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Greetings everyone.

My name is Vanessa, but you can all address me as Miyu Amane.


I'm an ex-duelist. I used to be YuGiOh! fanatic/duelist. Unfortunately, I stopped to focus more on school work. Now-a-days, I still need catching up on the whole plot of YuGiOh. D:

I'm an artistic person.

I draw. I'm also in the field of photography. Furthermore, I'm a musician and is obsessed with Japanese Rock (or rock in general). I play the violin, and currently I am teaching myself how to play the end theme for Byousoku 5 Centimetre (5 Centimeters Per Second) on the piano.

I'm an extremely lazy honor student at DHS, 9th grade. Ironically, I do take my work seriously in hopes of reaching a life full of action, killing, and investigations (FBI).

Well, I suppose this a brief summary. :3

~ Miyu

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I'll check out the ALD at a later time. XD

Butta, nice welcome...>_> I'm not scared of getting banned. XD I was banned on a forum 4 times consecutively for posting poetry/photography. A ridiculous reason, but a splendid banning record.


Arceus, I made a total of 4 cards so far. :3 It would have been better to draw it, but I don't have my scanner anymore. x_x

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