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>>>>>READ ME FIRST!: Common Questions and Answers here!!! <<<<<

Tyrant Phoenix


Hello, and welcome to the Questions and Help forums. Here, I will provide many Questions, Tips, Do-and-Don'ts, and Answers to common to rather complicated concerns you may have. Each page, starting with this one being the first, will revolve around a common subject, which will be labeled as Chapters. Cards, Forum, Membership, Discussions, and Rules will have their own chapters. As time continues, there will be more Questions and Answers in each growing Chapter, and I STRONGLY advise people to offer their assistance in expanding this so each and everyone can contribute to new members or members who want a question answered.


Now before I begin with the Card Chapter, I would like to inform you that most Q&A in here are related to one another, such as one Question will list How do I post Cards, for example, will be stated roughly the same way but in a different concept in another chapter also relating to that concern. Also, if anyone would like to correct me/submit their own Q&A, please PM me, and if detailed and a rising or existing problem, then I will add it in the Chapter(s) with credits to you.


(Posts will count as pages, the Q&A Chapters won't reach the full length of pages right now, but we will get there :) )


Cards: Post 1) Here, we will discuss problems that keep occurring whilst making cards. Whether it be a strange glitch, not sure if the card is good enough, or just a general idea behind the whole thing.


Forum: Post 2) The Forum Chapter will explain where to post your topics, what is and what isn't appropriate, advice on increasing public views, and even help the new guys feel welcome.


Rules: Post 3) To make sure no one gets in trouble, to perform effective reports, and to have the best time at YCM, it is always good to know that these Rules Q&A are here for you.

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Cards.) Continued.)


Question #5:If I am using a well known picture (Such as something related to RL, batman, superman, ninja turtles, trigun, etc.), what can I do to improve them?


Answer: Think of what makes your character/scene of a famous pop culture. If your character is heroic, make an effect stating something positive, likely LIGHT attribute (unless relating to more of an elemetal feeling), and if your doing an antagonist, mostly DARK attribute, resulting in destroying or making your oppenent suffer. Also, for an example, if you were happening to do, say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and you were working on the 4 turtles, it would be likely that since they work together, they should have 2 (more or less) effects, one being unique, and/or effects that revolve around the turtles. Afterwards, you can make support Spell/Traps that protect/boost up the turtles for them to gain the extra edge. After the protagonist is done, it's likely that Shredder, the antagonist, will show up. He is most likely to also have the same concept, except being destructive, and either alone or parterning up with his minions. It's up to you ultimately to make your cards one of a kind, and it will be grand if you add in a little of the character's/scene's details!


Question #6: People keep telling me to try better, how can I improve my cards?


Answer: Identify what people are saying. Firstly, ignore any and all wasteful posts such as "This sucks kthnxbye." Never let anything get you down. Get critisism from people who actually will give you a good feedback. Pay important attention to real feedback, and identify if they say "Correct your OCG," "Fix the Picture," "Balance its effect," or etc. Then change your card accordingly, and maybe even give it another full edit. (Not saying scrap it, make sure you Set ID is correct, the name is correct, double check your Grammar/OCG, etc.)


See if you get better results. If not, you can try again, or make another card that increases further use of the previous one. Never stop trying till the job is done ;).


Question #7: People tell me to fix my picture (Due to various reasons, such a distracting/large signature, colored borders, blurry or too stretched, etc.), how do i go and fix this issue?


Answer:There are several ways in which you can approach this. One, is by using the standard Paint, to edit out some of the simpliest things. Another way to do it is by using a Graphics Program for detailed editing.


I myself use an extremely useful program called GIMP (Graphical Image Manipulation Program). Like most things, it will require a download, and I advice knowing what you are doing before you go ahead and use this. I am not advertising a program, for this is merely my experience with one, and there are multitude of others that could be better.


Question #8:Concering glitches, what are some of them and how can I avoid this?


Answer:Glitches exist everywhere, and are not meant to happen. There are more or less unwanted, and usually destructive.


Picture gone Glitch: This happened awhile ago, and I am unaware that if this exact same glitch still exists, but it has happened to me. All saved cards, have their pictures removed. This glitched was explained by the YCMaker when YCM was making an upgrade, and thousands of pictures needed to be transferred. This glitch still exists with me now, and the only way to resolve it, is to reload your pictures back up to it. If it doesn't work, save the picture under a new name, or find another source of the picture, and save that. Try the new version now. If it still doesn't work, contact a moderator for further assistance.


Undefined Glitch: A card under the unsorted list, (This happened to me before any major updates on the Card Maker, even before Synchro Monster release) called Undefined will save itself mysteriously, and cannot be deleted. I haven't found the cause of this, nor the solution. If anyone has this glitch, please contact me or another Mod, and explain what happened and when this happened. So far, when you open it nothing bad happens nor does anything pop up. I am guessing this happened when YCMaker moved servers and while exchanging card data from to another this odd glitched came up.


If anyone else has experienced, knows what happens, and how to solve a Card related Glitch then please PM me at once and I will put it up here. I will do research after this is done and see if I can find any on my own.


Question #9: What is the right thread for my cards to go into?


Answer: Relating to your cards, is the answer. Of course, you cards can be subjected to more than just one, as you are allowed to only have 1 copy of it in any thread, and ONLY 1 thread.


If your cards relate to already real Yugioh Cards/If your set is large enough to make an entire pack that is NOT just focused on one thing/If your cards are flawless and can actually be good enough to be real, it is suggested to be put into the Realistic Cards Thread. Do NOT add in cards that contain Pop Culture references/pictures, (To an extent) Thumbnail/attachments, written cards with no pictures, or just about anything that has no relation to realistic cards.


If your cards however are Pop Culture famous and largely revolve around such things, cards of anime/cartoon, etc. please post them in the Pop Culture Cards. Like before, do NOT post anything else that doesn't fit in this thread.


If you have any other cards that doesn't fit with either Pop Culture or Realistic, then post in the Other Cards thread. You can, if you want to, post a set containing both Pop Culture mixed in with realistic cards in here, but it is STRONGLY advised that you seperate the two and put them in their correct places.


If you fancy writing instead of graphically work, you can write cards into the Written Cards section. Remember to include everything that the card has before submitting them into the Written Section, as some people tend to forget some small details such as Type.


Question #10: I still need help, what can I do?


Answer: Ask around! Ask your fellow friends or community for tips on how to create great cards. Also, look at other people's cards, and get inspiration from it. On my story, I get the biggest inspiration by three things, one being the picture, two being the challenge that I keep giving myself to make it better, and three trying to impress you guys ;). Make sure to always think where no one has gone before, and don't let up.


Cards.) Tips.) Will be on the next post for space management.

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Question #1:What is the YCM Forums?

Answer: The YCM Forum is a great place to interact with others and a brilliant opportunity to showcase skills and interests to others, such as making cards, providing resources to graphics, link management, and much much more. Many people have great curiosity, ideas, stories, and artistic styles they wish to present while interacting with others. Its very good to know the rules of each section, as well as the rules overall, to be kind to others, and to be sure that you have the most enjoyment here at YCM. My job as a Moderator is to enforce the rules, answer given questions, assist people with help, and to help others have as much of a blast here as anyone else. You can PM (Personal Message) me or any other Moderator for concerns, etc.


Question #2: What is a Moderator/Super Moderator?

Answer: A Moderator is a person who has been given this status due to previous and hand-picked for achievements they have done for the community of YCM. This person has been given an opportunity to help others more so with given privileges. Privileges included Opening Locked threads and Locking them, Moving them to another Forum or Copying to another Forum, Delete or Edit other member's posts, Stick Threads, Split Threads, Merge Threads and Posts, and Removal. However, a Moderator has limited power, over in which section of the YCM they can watch over. Any others will result in void of power. Example, I myself am a Question and Answers, and Suggestions and Comments Moderator. I can preform any of the above actions, but I CANNOT in forums such as Completed Card Sets. People who have made their contribution the most in a selected forum will most likely be a Moderator of that forum.

Super Moderators have more powers and have their powers active in any Forum.


Question 3#: What is an Admin?

Answer: An Admin is a person who part taked or has gone from Super Moderator status to this and has achieved the highest rank of authority. YCMaker, is of course the creator, as well as an Admin. Any ideas suggested to members will probably be passed up to the ranks of authority, and finally to the big honcho(s).


Question 4#: What is the right thread for -Insert here- / What forum should I post -Insert here- into?

Answer: It is completely up to the relating topic of your post. If it has cards and you wish for it to be rated, it will go into a specified forum listed in the main section. Here is each Forum and all appropriate threads/posts.


News: This is one of the main forums in which you can find rules, the summary and the big run down of the place. It is also the main place in which all updates are posted as there.


Questions and Help: This is the main forum in which you can submit quesions that you may have involving the site or appropriately outside of it. Or, if your in need of help, you can also get it from here. Of course, the YCM community encourages others to do some exploring for rather "simple" questions other than posting a question that has been answerd many many times. This is what this is here for, to help you and to expand the confortability within the community.


Comments and Suggestions: Post your regards, comments, pro and cons of the YCM, or suggest an idea in which that can improve the way people use about the forums. There are many suggestions going through here, and some of them people post the same idea. Make sure you do not make this mistake, and try to expand and explain as much as possible on your idea. About comments, you should also be detailed on why do you like YCM, what you don't like, posting a regard, and etc.


Realistic Cards: A forum in which you get to view, critic, post, and follow up on, well cards. The realistic cards is the largest forum of the card section, and lives up to that name.


If your cards relate to already real Yugioh Cards/If your set is large enough to make an entire pack that is NOT just focused on one thing/If your cards are flawless and can actually be good enough to be real, it is suggested to be put into the Realistic Cards Thread. Do NOT add in cards that contain Pop Culture references/pictures, (To an extent) Thumbnail/attachments, written cards with no pictures, or just about anything that has no relation to realistic cards.


You also want to give out REAL feedback/ratings to others instead of just a random assortment of numbers and say "GJ" or "Fail."


Pop Culture: A forum in which you get to view, critic, post, and follow up on, well cards. The Pop Culture Card forums is for the well known and popular pictures.


If your cards however are Pop Culture famous and largely revolve around such things, cards of anime/cartoon, etc. please post them in the Pop Culture Cards. Like before, do NOT post anything else that doesn't fit in this thread.


You also want to give out REAL feedback/ratings to others instead of just a random assortment of numbers and say "GJ" or "Fail."


Any Other Cards: A forum in which, just like the above, you are allowed to share and rate others cards. However, be mindful, for as ONLY CARDS that do not fit in the above categories are allowed here.


Written Cards: In this particular section, cards without the picture of the card is only allowed to be discussed and posted. Be advised that you must remember everything that makes a Yu-Gi-Oh card and post it. Otherwise, how will people know your card is a Continuous Spell Card?


Warning: Absolutely no negative comment about the picture is allowed. The poster's intention was to use this in the first place, and any concern OTHER that saying "Hey, maybe you should make the card of it" is considered spam.


Card Contents: This is where competitions that people host in order to see the best skilled. You can vote on your favorite card amongst the submitted ones or try your hardest in earning first place. Good luck YCMers!


Anime: This section is a hot center for gossiping about the oldies to the latest episodes released. You can also talk about the characters, do contents in who vs. who, and anything relating to the yugioh anime TV show.


Fan Fic: Write your own stories about any real or made up characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh universe! You can even have people from the forums specially star in an episode or a chapter or fully include them. Let your imagination run wild.


Your Deck: If you wish to receive feedback on your real life deck or a deck idea that you think might be successful, or wish to help others adjust to better needs for their deck, then this is the forum for you! You must follow the rules within this special forum before you go posting in it, so you can avoid an embarrassing and or troublesome time there.


Yu-Gi-Oh TCG: This is for people who desire to gossip the next pack, the biggest and baddest cards, and just every small to giant detail in the card game. This is also a useful resource to use if you need to find some good OCG usage from the people there, as well as the most current format of Yu-Gi-Oh.


Showcase: A famous forum at it, this is where you can set up and display your graphical masterpieces of signatures, avatars, etc here. Contents are also held here to see who is the top designer.


Tutorials: Do you wish to seek knowledge on how to create those snazzy signatures you've been seeing a lot lately and figured "Hey, with this, I can better fit into here." Or do you wish to contribute your efforts for the good of others as they follow your style and evolve from it? Look no further, this forum is the answer for your graphics question, and your style of art.


Shops: This is where users of the YCM can use their points from posting and contents to purchase already made or worktime for a graphical change or an already available item. Avatars, Signature, Sprites, GIF, Holo-ing, you name it, all here. You can also set up your own shop, to earn points and a great reputation around the YCM for doing hard work for the people. You can make your own rules for people to follow, but neither of them should abridge, override, or ignore forum rules set by the YCMaker and others.


Movies and TV shows: Basically nothing more too it, talk about your favorites shows and episodes of great television gossip.


Video Games: Video games, in YCM? Ludicrous? I think not. Discuss anything you wish about video games in here.


Music: Again, simple as the name puts it. You talk only of music, and talk of music is the best in here.


General: This is the category that is meant for any conversation not really relating to any others. Such as talking about clubs or what happened today. Any interesting topic would probably attract attention. DO NOT post something that obviously fits in another category, priority if you think about it.


Introductions: Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time at the YCM as much as I will enjoy having you here. I hope the best for you, and may you meet many people. The basic message for newcomers. Please only post in here to either say you are just beginning your journey here and are at least a month fresh, or you are here to greet them.


Moderator's Forum: TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS! No not really. Only accessible by the moderators for discussion of movements, activity, and reports. Nothing much, except for really awesome parties in here :D.


Phew, yes a lot to talk about here. There are also sub-forum/topics that are more detailed for more inside description. If you have a concern about any of these topics, if you need help, if you are still unsure of what to do or where everything is, PM me or another mod and we will gladly help.


Question #5:What are points? How do I gain them?

Answer:Points, displayed to everyone and displayed by everyone, are first located at your CP, and any posts that you see. Points is the equal to currency to the YCM. You first start out with a couple of points, and you gain them for every post that you make. You can also gain them through contests that you may have won, donations from friends, or from being a good YCMember. The main use of points is for using them for prize, the more points that are for victory, the more attention your contest is likely to get. You also points to pay people to make graphics for you, edit your cards, and any other service that would require currency influenced actions.


Question #6:What is Post Count? What does it do?

Answer:Post Count is what it sounds like. It is a counter that keeps record of how many posts you have contributed within the YCM Forums. The larger number, the more you seem involved with the forums to people, and likely your outspoken knowledge of not only general things, but the YCM and the major concerns of it too.

Post Count also does something unique. Each member has, whats called star level. This is also a display of seniority ranking you have in the YCM forums. Don't worry, it all means fo good, not that you are old.


This is the amount of POSTS you need in order to become these levels.

0 - 25 posts = 1 star

25 - 150 posts = 2 stars

150 - 400 posts = 3 stars

400 - 1,000 posts = 4 stars

1,000 - 5,000 posts (Reg Mods get this) = 5 stars

5,000+ posts (Super Mods get this) = 6 stars

Admin or YCMaker = 7 stars


Question #6:What should I avoid DOING?

Answer: This is extremely important, and i strongly suggest you do read this thoroughly. I will make a list of common problems, what results from it, and how to avoid it.



Spam are posts, topics, or subjects containing non-sense material, un-readable, immature, negative smack without consideration of others opinions (Also known as trolling), posting a DIFFERENT question or topic, and or already repeated messages. It is most famously known around here by accidentally caused by new members being inadequate to self advocate to research themselves for questions commonly answered, or caused by any members deliberately for the shear stupidity of attention it obtains


What does it do? Spam provokes other members to respond back to the spammer, whenever trying to help them or not. If helping, it is always good to be considerate, but they also could just simply continue their harassment to the forums to purely get attention. If fighting against them, that is exactly what they wish for, and will see innovation from it. Please, if you see obvious examples from a member and doing it constantly without acknowledging their mistakes, do the right thing and REPORT them, and not do anything to aid them any further or hinder them.


How can I avoid doing this? Do not, under any circumstances, get the idea to deliberately have the wacky idea to just cause trouble. Instead, if you feel talkative, bring up a conversation in the General area, or help others with questions and concerns. Many of the same questions have been answered to many many members, and many more continue to ask the same questions. To make sure you also are not accused of spamming and or annoying members, research on your own for answers to your problem. If you cannot, it is perfectly fine to ask someone personally or PM a moderator to help. If you cannot, then you can ask the question. Almost all the most common questions will be answered in here, so the reduction of them reaching to the Questions and Help forum will drastically change.



Necrobumping is the act of posting, what usually is a short and unconstructive reply, to a "dead" or old thread. The average life span of a thread, depending on how popular or how much attention it gained recently, ranges from just a month to years. If a thread is obviously dead, if the question has already been answered, or if it just doesn't get anymore attention, and if a person just decided to post into it, that is Necrobumping.


What does it do? Necrobumping, first of all, angers many people. Everyone wants their threads at the first page, and would want the most eyes and attention they can get. If a thread has rightfully been answered or had its prime time, then generally it needs to rest in peace, knowing that it added that much contribution to the forums. People would be inquired to answer in these zombie threads though, posting no necrobumping or about the topic, which then could attract even more people to pointlessly post in it, thus being a big target for spammy messages and other obsure conversations. If the maker also desired their thread to be dead, then that is their decision. (Although if they want to prevent it, it would be better if they asked a mod to lock it, otherwise it could be Necrobumped)


How can I avoid doing this? JUST DON'T DO IT! If a thread lacks the post count or views, and haven't been touched in more than 2 months, it is best to look elsewhere rather than posting there. Also, it is generally better to also look for more fresher, more hotter threads, as they will provide a vast assortment of items or knowledge that could help you further more than one that would have few people adding to it.



Backseat Moderating is the act of a regular member who generally acts like a moderator in the negative way. Someone can behave like a moderator, which is fine, but not to the extent to harass someone because they have a "superior feeling." In fact, even myself feel no more superior over members than I was a non member. I was chosen because I contributed to the forums and I did want to help people. If you see a member who behaves a moderator but does NOT share any of these feelings, or someone who over reports because they feel right about it, then report them.


What does it do? The biggest thing it does, is makes people mad. No one likes to get bossed around or be threaten with anything, nor would they appreciate knowing normal members trying to pretend as moderators. This of course leads to normal symptoms of abuse such as spam, etc.


How can I avoid doing this? Another simple answer, don't. If you feel that you are crossed between over-bossing people and trying to help them, re-read what you are saying. Approach a problem with nice manners at all times, and try not to leave on a bad note or without any threats. Treat members the way you wish to be treated (And hopefully all of us are on the same page as that)



Duplicate Accounts is the act of a single person having more than 1 account, which is against the rules period.


What does it do? Duplicate Accounts are responsible for mass amount of harassment and problems within YCM's past. They are "throw aways" just for the sheer destruction and nerve of causing trouble. They also attract the usual spam and abuse repping someone and much other problems.


How can i avoid doing this? DO NOT DO IT! If you suspect someone doing it, then immediately report it, and we will take further action.



This is the act of being completely blunt or disrespectful to someone else's opinion or item WITH or WITHOUT being consent about them as well. Example: A new-ish member posts a card that is decent in OCG, but great in everything else. Another member comes in, and replies with "Omg, how could you people say this is a card? It's trash. GF noob." OR: A member brings up the interesting debate between using the real life cards Dust Tornado and Twister, and another member replies "Are you guys bloody morons?! Everyone knows Dust Tornado is far superior. Idiots should go back to beginners."


What does it do? Two big things. The usual spam, and makes other people want to do it. The biggest thing we need to avoid is this, as we need to be leading examples to other members.


How can I avoid doing this? Don't do it. In real life, people debate about things, for a few minutes, and all the way lasting for years. We need to respect the opinions of others, and see their side of the story before resulting to the negative come backs we naturally have to do. In easier words, treat it like you want people to treat you when discussing something. In fact, people tend to listen to other people if their on the more respectable side.



Frequent Bumping is the action of literally saying "bump" or using short and unimportant replies to a thread, which makes it come back up to the top of the list. This is the desired effect of the person doing this, and causes quite some problems. A bump is allowed on a single thread from the same person daily. Meaning, they can only bump the same thread once 24 hours, they are allowed to bump others though once.


What does it do? Attracts spam with replies of "Stop bumping" and angers people as well. You also can suffer the lost of your thread by it being locked, should you be the one bumping your own thread too much.


How can I avoid this? Once per day, you are allowed to bump a thread once. Plan out what time you want it bumped, so you can target a larger audience in that area in hopes for replies. If your thread doesn't get attention in a 2 weeks stretch or more, then it is time to let it die, although you may want it to die early if you have bumped it every day without giving it a break.



This is prohibited period.


What does it do? Makes people angry, attracts negative aura to the given post/thread, and makes you less presentable.


How can I avoid doing this? If you are frustrated, cope with a strategy to calm down, or use a non-sense word. Like, some of my most nastiest are Boulderdash, shoot the bear, and others (slapped on hand for using that kind of language).



Images that could offend people in beliefs, race, etc. and that of showing pornography, real life violence, hatred, or anything menacing are all apart of this.


What does it do? It drives people away, it becomes a rat nest for spam and angry posts, and is completely wasteful.


How can I avoid doing this? Do not, if it is obviously something bad. Depending on what the content, you can suffer different punishments, from warning to a quick and simple ban. If you however think it might be inappropriate, such as a picture you want to use for a card, but for example it is a human female and is showing cleavage, you may talk to me or another Mod for approval, to avoid what could have been a really bad situation.



In my opinion, this is by most the worse thing could do at the YCM. This is not limited to just stealing someone's ideas or cards in the YCM, but also the negligence of crediting an artist for the picture you took for cards and the such.


What does it do? Stealing someone's great work, first of all hurts you and others. It hurts your credibility, and it shows others that you are not a caring person. It also makes all of us in a view, bad, and none of us wants to be accused of wrong doing.


How can I avoid doing this? Research around the forums, to see if someone has done something you already have. If not, make sure that you put all that is YOU, and not someone ELSE into a card, topic, etc. If you are displaying art from a known artist or member's idea of a topic, then please credit them.



Question #7: What is a Warning Level?

Answer: The Warning Level is pretty much how much of a trouble maker you are. In all seriousness though, Warning Level is not a good thing to have. Moderators of any power can enforce warning points on you with a reason. Each point will earn you 10% of a warning level. 100% could end up in a temporarily ban, or at worst a permanent one. Warning points do have a set time limit though, depending on how severe it is.


Question #8: How can I join a club/contest/etc.?

Answer: First, you must know what they are about, and if it is in what you are best interested in. If so, looking at the title name or the first posts by the host of the club/contest/etc. would mention any listings for people to join in, or closed if they are no longer accepting people. If you see a green light to join, submit whatever information the host needs, (Some of them allow you to PM them but if they strictly say "do not" then please follow their wishes.) and wait for any further information from them.

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Question #1: What is the Card Maker?


Answer: The Card Maker is designed to make custom cards of your very own! You can do this by following the steps in order to make a card you desire.


Name: This is what your card is going to be named. Make sure it is relevant to what you desire it to represent of your card. Make sure it is not too long, otherwise it will get cramped and can be very messy. Your name, starting with the number/alphabet, will also reflect in what position it will get when saved. The list to the right of the Delete and Open is your "Unsorted List." We will touch on that in a bit.


Type: What type of card is it? The list drops down each type of monster, as well as Spell and Trap cards. Afterwards, you need to make sure what class its in. Is it a Normal Monster Card? Or is it a Continuous Trap Card? If you entered in monster, the Trap/Spell type will be disabled, and if you entered in Spell/Trap, the Monster Type list will be disabled.


Attribute: If you selected a monster, this will reflect on the element this monster is. For say, if you have a monster who composed of rocks, it is very likely that the monster's Attribute is EARTH.


Level: This is also monster unique. Level is the amount of balled, orange stars that will appear under the monster's name, and above its picture. Depending on how powerful your monster is will reflect its stars. If you have a pathetically weak monster with or without a decent effect, it's likely to be 1-3 stars. If you have a balanced monster (Balanced between ATK and DEF) with or without an effect, it's likely to be 3-4. A stronger monster however, or one with a much better effect, will result in it being 5-6. Remember that 5-6 Leveled monsters need 1 Tribute, 7-8 need 2 Tributes, and anything above requires 3. Make sure you analyze your card carefully in order to appropriately Level your monster.


Card Rarity: Card rarity changes the look on cards, and how hard/how powerful it is. Commons either balance the amount of rares or there are more of them, and will represent a wide range of usefulness. Rares, which will turn the name into a silver like color, represents the most basic of the rares. These can have a little edge to their use, but not by much. Super rares make the picture holographic (Card Maker does no make pictures shiny, but still does the name). They get an even more of an edge, and gives it a good look at. Ultra rares are some of the harder ones to come across, being golden in name and holographic. Ultra Rares are either generally good or focused good. General means that the card is versatile and does not follow a set. Focused means that your card is solely for a specific purpose and/or better performed with a Focused Deck. Secret Rares are the hardest, and probably the strongest form of card. Coming in various forms, such as diagonal holographic name and picture to crossed holographic in pictures. It is also advised that there should be few of these, and for a good reason too. Make these the staples of your Set/presentation and/or show your true Card Making skills in them!


Picture URL: To upload your picture, first save the picture into a designated place on your computer so you remember where it is. Then click the upload button, and up comes a little window, with Browse and Upload. Click the Browse button, and up should come your Documents/Pictures/Etc. Go to the file/document that you saved your picture, and double-click your pic. It will take awhile, but you'll see a code bar now in the empty bar. Now click upload. The little window will disappear. To see if it worked, theres a big button near the bottom of the page called Generate. It will upload all current data you put into the card. If your picture is now in the blanked card, you did it!


Circulation: This is the status of the card. 2nd Edition cards do not need anything in this, and you can also leave it blank for various reasons relating to it. You can put in 1st Edition to label your cards more "Pack Realistic" or label it as LIMITED to show that it's a card released promotionally.


Set ID: Each card needs a Set ID. A Set ID is to realistically label what Pack/Set it came from, and what number card it is. For let's say for an example, if I was making a set called Space Chronicles, I will take the first letter in Space, the C in space for the closest consenent for SC. Then i will take the first letter in Chronicles, and since I already used C (This is up to you), I will choose N as my middle consenent. I now have my first complete Set ID, SPCN. Now i need to know what number card this is in SPCN. If this is your very first card, you can either do 001, or 000, depending if you want to follow the old fasioned way (000 is old). You can make amount of cards you want in it, just make sure you follow the 000, 001, 002, 003, etc clause. Also, this is important! Make sure you put EN in front of the numbers to label which translation this card game out under. I know, kind of useless if you can just look at it, but in fact many people rate cards in how realistic it is, including the finishing details. So, let's say it's going to be the fifth card in Space Chronicles. I will put it as SPCN in the first box to the left, and the box on the right with EN005.


Type: This is monster unique. This will be disabled if you are making a Spell or Trap card. The type of monster is pretty much it's race/occupation. Say, if your monster more or less looks human with a big sword, it's likely to be warrior. Or if you have the mighty Tyrannosaurus as a picture, it's most applicable to be a Dinosaur Type. These are the original types as followed.


Aqua / Beast / Beast-Warrior / Dinosaur / Dragon / Fairy / Fiend / Fish / Insect / Machine / Plant / Pychic / Pyro / Reptile / Rock / Sea Serpent / Spellcaster / Thunder / Warrior / Winged Beast / Zombie.


You can make your own type, but make sure it's not too over the top or too focused.


Description: Here is where you get to show what your card exactly does and importantly its use. Normal Monsters will have whats called "Flavor Text" meaning you can make a brief summary of the charateristics of that monster, what it does, where its at, etc. But don't get confused with EFFECTS. Effects are what the card actually does. Now, this one might be long to explain, but you have to know what you want to do, and you have to do it right. OCG (Original Card Grammar) is the proper form in which you should put your card.


It is unwise to go unprepared when making these very important effects for cards. It is not good if you put something like "This guy can do 5000 damage if he sees pancakes in duel also he can't be killed!!" or "any cat monster on field instantly get hairball and die." No, please don't do that.

It is also unwise to be lazy/uncreative, and even rule breaking if you steal another's idea. So, do not make another Exiled Force, or steal.

One other thing is that YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT BALANCED. An un-balanced card is one with unfair advantages that (far) outweight the cons (or any cons). In order to make it balanced, place a cost for the effect/make it usuable once instead of everytime/make it harder to use. If your using a monster, making it a higher level will require tribute(s), etc.


OCG.) The biggest concern for people is the OCG, which will be explained a bit later.


ATK/DEF: Monster unique. ATK means Attack, and DEF means Defence. The Attack is the offensive power of the monster, mostly important than that of DEF. DEF is the defensive power of the monster, which can stall out lower or equal ATK. It is important to know what is balanced, between a low stat monster, a decent/even stat monster, a high ATK or DEF and low ATK or DEF monster, or a high stat monster with or without a cost.


Creator: The person who made the card. Generally for pure realistic cards, you'll put down the person who made Yugioh in the first place. But here, it doesn't matter too much if you put in your name or Username.


Year: The date in which YOU started creating cards. You can either put that date, the date in which the card was made in, or the original date for realism.


Serial Number: Each card has a unique serial number. You can make your own, by putting in a random assortment of numbers 0-9, 8 digits. If you choose, you can save time and click on random for it to generate 8 digits for you. When making uniques however, do not INTENTIONALLY make cards with the same serial numbers.


Generate: Generate is pretty much the lift off key for your card. This will download all the data you put in into the blank card to the right of all your data. If everything looks great, go ahead and advance to the Save button.


Save: Does exactly that, it saves your card into your list.


Save to: The Save to is an optional choice to organize your cards into what your Set ID began with. This makes it much easier for bigger makers (such as I) to find cards faster and to re-do them if needed. If you do, the first drop list to the left of the Delete and Open button is to your Sets, and the right one is to the cards within that set.


Delete: Every card has its days. Open the card you wish to delete, and click Delete, it will ask you are you sure. If you are, continue on.


Open: Opens the card's data and preview in which you have selected on the list. This is mostly used for editing.


That's about it for the Card Maker!


Question #2: How do I get my completed cards into a post?

Answer: There are many ways you can go and do about this. One, which is convient, is on the Card Maker itself. Open the card you wish to upload, and then click on the preview picture. A little bar under the card says "Uploading picture to Imageshack" Wait a little bit, and you should now see a bar with your picture code in it. Highlight it all, and COPY it. Go to your post, and in your reply, PASTE it on, and it should be done like that!


Question #3:How can my OCG improve?

Answer: This might be the most difficult for anyone to achieve correctly, more so for the first time. OCG is checked and is looked at most importantly around YCM, and is advised to be worked on before you feel that it's good. There may be a flaw or two, but getting very good at it and catching your mistakes is awarding enough. There are things such as Old OCG and new OCG. Old OCG stretches to when adding a card from your Deck to your hand said "Move a card from so and so to so and so." The new one, reflecting off of Reinforcements of the Army says "Add 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type Monster from your Deck to your hand." Now analyze that sentence quite carefully, even captilization is important to consider. The new OCG is pretty much the neater, the simplier, and easy to understand way to put your effects.


I will state multiple effects from different cards, and see if you can catch on to how they pronouce their effects, what is and what isn't capitilized, what comes first, what resolves first, how/when/where the effect takes place and what special clauses affect it.


Gorz the Emissary of Darkness:

When you take damage from a card your opponent controls while you control no cards, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. Then activate the appropriate effect, based on the type of damage: ● Battle Damage: Special Summon 1 "Emissary of Darkness Token" (Fairy-Type/LIGHT/Level 7/ATK ?/DEF ?). Its ATK and DEF are each equal to the amount of battle damage you took. ● Effect Damage: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to the damage you took.


Pot of Avarice:

Select 5 Monster Cards in your Graveyard. Return those cards to the Deck, then draw 2 cards.



Select 1 face-up monster on the field. The original ATK of that monster is halved until the end of this turn.


Equip Shot:

Activate only during the Battle Phase. Select 1 Equip Card equipped to a face-up Attack Position monster you control, and select 1 face-up Attack Position monster your opponent controls. Equip that monster with the selected Equip Card. Then, conduct battle between your previously equipped monster and the selected monster (Other effects cannot be activated during this battle).


Injection Fairy Lily:

This card's effect can be activated only during the Damage Step of either player's turn. Pay 2000 Life Points to increase the ATK of this monster by 3000 points only during the Damage Step.


Solemn Judgment:

Pay half of your Life Points. Negate an activation of a Spell / Trap Card / Normal Summon / Flip Summon / Special Summon and destroy the Spell Card, Trap Card, or Summoned monster.


There are guides that people have made that can further attend to your OCG needs should you need it. Those effects are some of the universal ones that people seem to have problems putting it correctly, and I listed as an example should you need it if your card relates to that affect in the smallest or in a large way.



http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-51154.html GO TO THIS LINK FOR AN OCG GUIDE


Question #4:Where can I find more original pictures?

Answer: This is, more or less YOUR homework to do. Where is the fun, the art, and the challenge on using other people's art when even that is considered art stealing? (On intention though, but when the picture has been used many times, it becomes the status of "Overused." Try to be very creative with a picture that no one has :D).


I can list sources to find some starting pictures, but mostly everyone else knows.


Google Images: This is what I very first used :P. Not reliant and not very diverse, but hey if you find something use it.


Photobucket: Sort of hard to look for specific images, but has a great amount of diversity, although it has already been submitted if it is on PB, right?


Deviart: Very reliable, with many styles of art. Yet again though, it is a well known site and you may come across some pictures you may have seen on here.


The rest are on your own. Good luck, and be who you are ;)

((Credits to Bloodrun for providing the OCG guide and DJ Osiris for making it, thanks guys))


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Cards.) Tips.)


Tip #1: Be original! No one likes to see the same card over and over again. Try and see if you can snazzy it up with extra cons and extra pros.


Tip #2: Be interesting! Again, no one will like to see the same thing. It is vital that you add a little of yourself to each card, whenever it be something you experienced, anger, sadness, or anything else that might inspire an idea. And don't worry, anything but spammy card ideas are always a treat.


Tip #3: Concerning my last sentence from above, do NOT post cards that are just wasteful or are just plain nothing. For instance, always work on your card to make it seem involved. Do not, under any circumstance, deliberately put anything vile, spammy, illegible, or against the rules cards.


Tip #4: When making a set, choose at least 1-2 (Or more if you wish, but the more you add, the more redundant it will become) features that all or most of them share. Taking the example of Six Samurais. They each share the name "Six Samurai" which then plugs into support cards, and the original six plus shogun himself share the single "My body as a shield" like effect. You too can use different methods of ways to connect your sets into a beautiful stragety.


Tip #5: There are many types of sets that you may see people make. One for instance is the short set, which involves 1-5 cards which are powerful on their own which no longer needs support.


Starter Set: A starter set, representing a starter deck style, will contain new cards, and may contain some already existing cards or special guest cards from other people to fill it in. 40-60 is of course the standard size of them.


Pack Set: A very interesting set which involves the maker to create a large number of cards that almost mimics like how a pack is designed. It can involve many focused and many more general cards. The rarity system is best invested in this because you can replicate how it is exactly done. It also best gives the viewer that you are versatile, skillful, and dedicated. The cons? Much time is needed. I know, the only cards I make are for Pack Sets, I find it the most fun. Card range can be from 60-100 or more.


There are many other types of sets. See what best fits your style and go for it. ;)


Tip #6: Always remember this. If you want your cards respected, respect others. It is a very wise decision to be known around the forum, and to promote your cards in your signature. Being active, and criticing other people's cards respectfully will give you a good chance that you will also receive the same treatment.


Tip #7: Remain cool if you get a negative comment on your cards. It's upsetting to know that you decide to argue back with the poster and get yourself in trouble. The better course of action is asking the person why they did that if they provided no reason. If they fail to reply or say "idk" or just "cards are good/bad" then it's probably considered a free spam post for them.


Tip #8: Remember to post the credits of the pictures that you have used in order to make your cards in respect to the artist.


Tip #9: Be helpful to your fellow YCMembers. If you help them, you may find it easier to gain new pictures/new ideas/new graphics, etc. by establishing a good friendship/connection with another.


Tip #10: While making cards, it is always good to reflect some smiliarites that real life yugioh cards have and that of yours. For instance, Spellcaster-Type monsters are known for Spell Card manipulation, Spell Counters, utilizing various benefits off of others, and work well either alone or with field advantage. You may also want to reflect those behaviours that Spellcaster monsters have in your cards. You don't have to of course, but it is always a nice feature to see on some cards.


Tip #11: Be careful with how you set up sets that deal with Archetypes. For instance, it is NOT counted as a card belonging to that archetype if it's not connected as it is supposed to be. Example, the "Six Samurai" will only support cards that indicates an effect that involves "Six Samurai." If a card had like "Six swords of the Samurai," "Six scrolls of the Samurai," "Samurai Six," "Samurai - Sixth Legend," or any other forms, it is excluded. Plural versions, such as belonging to "Gladiator Beast's Return" is counted.


Tip #12: FYI, do NOT post any anime styled/manga styled/differently posed, or just an obvious picture of a card itself or a card's picture that already exists in the real Yugioh. Using fan art, or if say you have a Dark Magician with a mace instead of a staff and you are creating a Dark Magician get-up, then that is fine.

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Question #1: What are the rules?


This does not need to take up much space. Really, just click on this link right here folks for the whole run down.



This page displays all member contributed items. Thanks guys, you really should feel proud of yourself. Very Happy

Number of people: 2




AUTHOR: Obsidian"""A Guide for Newbies on how to post Images and Spoilers and stuff..... By: Obsidian


I'm tired of seeing all of these topics: "How do I make dat spoiler thingy?" "QUICK! How do I post my images! Need help!!!1111112"


Well, here is a handy-dandy guide for newbies on how to do that. So hopefully no one will ask anymore >_>




See those things that say (Click Here) and have stuff hidden in them? Here is how you do that.


Type in: [spoiler*]Insert Message Here

(Be sure to take out the *)


If you want to add a name to your spoiler tag, do this:

[spoiler*=Insert Name Here]Insert Message Here

Again, be sure to remove the *.




Having trouble posting your created cards or other images? FEAR NOT! Here is how you do that. NOTE: Be sure the image is upload onto a site somewhere......you cannot create image codes for images that are still on your computer.


[img*]Insert Image Address Here[/img] Remove the *....


Most of you may not know this, but it is against forum rules to use the Attachments function. Instead, you are expected to use IMG tags.




Though most of the time, it's against forum rules...but if you want to link to a website, here is how.


[url*]Insert Website Address Here[/url] Remove the *.


Want to make one of those Banners that links to a website? Then do this. First, make sure the image is uploaded somewhere...similar to the IMG tags thing.


[url*=Insert Website Address Here][img*]Insert Image Address Here[/img][/url] Remove the *s.


Of course, I get the banner thing mixed up sometimes...so if this is wrong, let me know.


If there are any other Tag functions you need to know about, let me know and i'll add them here.


As for Image Uploading sites, use: Photobucket or Imageshack."""


All credits belong to Obsidian, and great thanks for contributing!



Are you tired of people opening topics like 'Please Help!!!(3 rep votes reward). What makes that unbearable plea the most annoying thing, is those two reputation votes that will be given as a reward when the question will be answered. People think like: 'Hey, if others notice reward will be given to the answerer of the question, they will definitely reply with an accurate way in order to receive what they want'. While that seems to gather people around a thread or a conversation and also makes people help each other more easily, it also makes your reputation bad in a way you don't even notice. Plus, giving one reputation point to one that helps you really differs to that of giving three to one that gave you an obvious answer(while you wanted to know about it desperately). That can surely be called reputation system abuse. So, I suggest avoiding doing the above thing which means promising big rewards simply by not getting into temptation to do it. If you have a question and wanna be helped, post it providing you don't do the above.


All credits belong to ~XaRhs~, and great thanks for contributing!


This is it so far people! Please! For the great love of the god of beavers, if you have anything to add then send it right to me, and you will be credited. Thank you, and everyone have a great rest of the day.

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