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A YCM History Test


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This is a preliminary test to see which current YCMembers knows the most about Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker.

Those who do well at this test will be able to participate in the later rounds.

Each round will get progressively harder, with the prizes increasing as well.


To play, fill out the answers, and then PM me the results.

If you wish to help with the later rounds (prizes, test making, grading, etc.) please PM me.

The winner will recieve: 3 +reps and all of my points.


The Test

1) What card, created by One Love = YuGiOh, is widely considered the worst card ever made with the Card Maker?


2) What user was banned by Frunk during the days of Sartorism, and then later unbanned, with an official apology from Frunk?


3) What type of Forum was YCM started as?


4) Which current Super Mod has been a Mod the longest (including all incarnations of YCM)?


5) How many members where on the first incarnation of YCM?


6) What member started the original YCM awards (meaning hosted the first thread)?


7) Who was the first Super Mod on YCM?


It is not a very long test, but the answers could take some digging for newer members.

Have at it.



~Scorpion Yoshi Mikooo~ : 5/7

Hunter: 5/7

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